Sunday, December 21, 2014

"Home for the Holidays" (Was that title cheesy enough for you?)

I'm home on break. Snuggling the cat, binge-watching the most recent season of Downton Abbey, seeing old friends. Mom and I are finally going to decorate the tree this week.  Yes, Christmas is four days away.  I don't want to hear it!  :)  (Totally kidding)

Final exams went wonderfully.  I even had a lot of free time between the tests.,. what a concept! As an answer to prayer, the grades were good too.  

It may be a brown Christmas, but the temps have been above freezing sometimes, so that's cool.  Of course, it's probably the fault of climate change, but every cloud has a silver lining?

Hope you all have a lovely holiday season.  Thanks to the wonderful people making my life happy and a super doting Father Upstairs, I'm sure going to have a great one.  I mean, it's nice of Santa to squeeze down people's chimneys just so they can have a merry Christmas, but Jesus kind of one-ups him, having bled out for me.  I think maybe Jesus deserves more than a plate of cookies for that one.


Thursday, December 4, 2014

Six days!

Well, I have just been all sorts of neglectful about writing something here.
I did the classic, "I could write about this!" and then I never did. Multiple times.
So now of course, when I could do other things (like study for finals that are next week...) I will instead write on here. Because I have priorities. Also because I need a break.
So here are the 6 Days of almost-the-end-of the-semester (because I literally have 6 days until I'm done for the semester!)
On the first day of almost-the-end-of-the-semester, marching band gave to me...
A box full of music and a way to make some money!
Since the marching band season is done, I now have 30+ songs (multiplied by 130 people) to sort and file. Music to deal with = some chill time by myself making money!
On the second day of almost-the-end-of-the-semester, marching band gave to me...
A torn out music library!
In preparation for the new library organizing system that will be going in next week, most of the music had to come out of the library. For me, that meant boxing up 1,000+ pieces of marching band music and moving them. So right now the music library has been reduced to a bunch of file cabinets in the corner. It's a lot like living out of boxes while you are moving, so I'm a bit flustered, but I'm so excited for the new system! For reference, this is a "pre-moving" picture:
Picture the shelves going all around the room with a lot of file
cabinets off to the right.
On the third day of almost-the-end-of-the-semester, marching band gave to me...
A band banquet which was really quite pretty! (I'm trying to make these rhyme. Work with me...)
To celebrate the end of the marching band season, we have a banquet, put on by a committee of Kappa Kappa Psi. I was a part of that committee this year, so I got in on all aspects of planning and decorating and everything in between! I also presented all of the awards to 3, 4, 5, and 6 year members, as well as some other awards. It was such a fun event!
Committee! (This picture is highly accurate.)
On the fourth day of almost-the-end-of-the-semester, my classes gave to me...   
One stressful assignment in photography.
 For the final assignment in my photojournalism class, I had to do a photo essay, which is basically a bunch of photos of one event. I decided to follow the band banquet from set-up to tear-down, so I took over 200 pictures over the course of the night. I whittled them down to my final 18, and presented them on Tuesday. I was worried because I wanted to tip my 89% to an A, but I didn't know how I did. I talked to my professor (and probably sounded like a crazy person (..."so I just need to know if I'm going to end this class with a B because I just need time to deal with that....") but I ended up with an A on the assignment and an A in the class, meaning I have one less final to worry about!
Oh, here's one of the pictures I took. The pictures were supposed to include people, but I took a risk and included one without any and my professor loved it. Phew! :)
On the fifth day of almost-the-end-of-the-semester, my LifeGroup gave to me... 
A very fun Christmas party!
There were snacks and gifts and a classic black and white Christmas movie and it was a fantastic way to celebrate the end of the semester and the Christmas season. I'm so thankful for all the girls in my LifeGroup!
In all fairness, I didn't take this. I'm over there on the right.
On the sixth day of almost-the-end-of-the-semester, my friends gave to me... 
Good times! (roll with me...)
I'm blessed with great friends here and even though the semester has gotten busier and more stressful (*cough group project cough*) I have had so many fun things to make it fun!

  • A trip to St. Joe for Cracker Barrel and the mall
  • Weekend movies with Erin and Ally
  • The most varied, interesting, and fun conversations with Nels
  • Being absolutely ridiculous in the hallways of Fine Arts and watching the faculty not even bat an eye at our antics
  • And much, much more!
That is all I've got for tonight. I've been blessed with a great semester and so many awesome friends. I'm sad to say good bye for Christmas Break, but I absolutely can't wait to see what next semester holds!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Downsizing the Dither

2nd post in a month!  Woot!

It's snowing, a nice mild snow.  A friend and I walked to Fareway this morning and our faces didn't even hurt.

I am feeling weighed down by my waffle-dough-microwaved-in-a-mug concoction I had for breakfast.  And kind of sleepy.  Johnny Cash is walking the line from my Spotify playlist and the rhythmic guitar is lulling me to sleep...

(Photo by Tracey Steffen, shamelessly stolen from her FB page without permission.  Hopefully she still loves me.)
 This is the football team practicing in the white precipitate this morning.

Hm.  Do I actually have anything important to say?

This is the most chill quarter at college I've ever had.  It rocks.  And someone took my 7 hour Saturday night shift at work so now I can relax on Saturdays.  YAYY!  Tonight, my friends and I are going to a play by the theater department.

Today's plans also include going to work out in the gym to the drivel that is Saturday television.

Well, this post was pointless, except to point out the fact that I am still alive, listening to Christmas music before Thanksgiving (oh the scandal!) and still think taking a Saturday Sabbath is the best tradition God ever thought of.

Hope you're having a super November.


Saturday, November 1, 2014

Nursing homes, cold-ness, and eyeglasses

Today is zee first of November.
I have moved to a new wing of Fern.

It's getting cold.  But the weather procrastinated that inevitable change, so I won't complain too much.  I mean, I am an Iowan, so complaining about the weather a little goes with the territory ;)

I have a plan for next semester and next summer and even the summer after that.

Here's my tentative future.

Next semester is packed, but I will not be working at all.  I will go from three jobs to zero (breathes sigh of relief).   Classes will be Nursing Fundamentals, Theology Part 2, Pharmacology (memorizing medicine), Adult Developmental Psychology, and a class on caring for the older population.  That last class is my gateway to clinicals at a nursing home, I think.  It's getting real up in the nursing program!  18 credits is bonkers-crazy, but I shall survive.

I have been asked by Teen Mission International to be a backup leader for their Zimbabwe Medical Mission Trip this summer!!! YESSS!  We will be working with orphans, cleaning wounds and delivering eyeglasses.  So jazzed.  

Next next summer (the one between my junior and senior year), I plan to take classes online to ease the burden a little, and to work as a CNA at Madrid Nursing Home just a few miles from my house.  The idea of spending a summer at home with Mother for the first time since age 16 is actually quite pleasant.  I can actually go to our town's Fourth of July celebration :)  Oh, and that May I am saving up to fly to see my aunt and uncle in New Jersey.  That would be an epic trip.

Got great plans for my little Day of Rest.  A walk to Fareway, a movie night with my dear friend Sophie, and spending time with a friend from work.  Oh yeah, and I'm going to mass for the first time in years.  The cool thing about Northwestern is that I've made two new Catholic friends, and they are neat-o.

And that's a wrap.  Have a wonderful, thankful month.
There's sure a lot to be thankful about.
And just remember, if you can't find a lot to be happy about,
you could have Ebola right now!  

// runs away giggling //

// runs back//

>> I forgot to tell you I can vote now!  And will, for the first time, on the 4th!  
      Hope you'll do the same.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Thankful Tuesday (because #blessed is really cliche...)

I'm not a freshman anymore. In fact, at the end of this year, I'll be halfway through my time here at Northwest. I'm also not a teenager any more. I turned twenty years old ten days ago. This year has been different from last in a number of ways, and most of those have something to do with beginning to feel settled. I can begin to look past the classes at I'm taking and see the big picture (tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, etc.)
Maybe I'm being redundant, and I know I'm certainly not being eloquent, but I have been blessed this semester with answers to prayer in all forms, a better sense of direction, and a family away from home in the form of my Kappa Brothers, BSU friends and everyone in between. Not unlike last year, there have been some pretty crazy, out-of-left-field curveballs that have really hit hard. I'm so thankful for where I am and for the people I am here with, because without them, college would actually be pretty miserable.
So what's been going on?
She bought us both Beaver hats because if you're
a part of the Greatest of All Families, you need
the appropriate head wear!
Erin (the best Big ever) and me.
We're kind of the same person...
My Brothers in Kappa Kappa Psi are seriously the greatest. We had Kappa Kamping/Harvest party last weekend, and it was a blast just hanging out and doing goofy stuff together. You know you've found good friends when you can all join in on craziness together, and no one gives it a second thought. Much fun was had by all.
This happened because someone said, "Hey! Let's make a pile!" We're big on logic.

It's also been so great to get more involved at the BSU and get to know everyone there even better. I love the worship and lessons, and my LifeGroup (bible study) full of fantastic girls! I love it!
I've also been discovering some really neat verses that I'd never seen/hadn't remembered. I put ones that really stick out to me on my desk. Here are two.

One last thing:
Let's put it this way. Last year, my job made me anxious all the time and I hated it. This year, I have a key to the music library and I can go in there any time I am able and work on organizing, filing, alphabetizing, sorting, and the list goes on. Basically, I get paid to do something I enjoy. It's nice to go back to the music library because it is kind of off in a corner where no one goes, and you can't get the wireless signal back there, so you can focus. There have definitely been some interesting moments!
For instance, I have discovered a striking number of songs about beer. Apparently there were more, but I've found four so far, and I've got 300 more songs to go! I have to give whoever credit for variety, because there are three different types mentioned. This brings up so many questions. But I've learned to not question some things. :)

I've also learned that just when you think you've found every possible batch of loose, homeless music, you'll discover a box labeled "Random Pieces of Music" and you'll pause for a second and think to yourself, "Well this can't be good..." Then you'll open it and it will be filled with this:
Yep, a crate full of gallon bags stuffed with what is, indeed, "random pieces of music." It's gonna be a while before these all find a home. Most of them are finding a home in the recycling bin, however, because there are already plenty of copies. Like Mike (our fantastic, bend-over-backwards-for-you, knows everything custodian) said, "That'll teach ya to go snoopin' around places!" Indeed.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Dialing + Daily Life

Life is rolling along, and I'm into the swing of this semester.  And so far it's a pretty pleasant "swing".  Here's a glimpse of my day-to-day normal.  Basically, this post is a lot of lists.  I like lists!

Eating healthy in the Caf:

Although I think the Caf food is tasty, their healthy food variety is... not particularly various.  But it's okay.  Here are the more beneficial options available, along with their degree of availability.

Always there
- Raw oatmeal to mix with peanut butter
- Raisin bran
- Salad bar and vinaigrette dressing
- Scrambled eggs in the morning
- Lunch meat turkey
- Orange juice
- Vanilla or chocolate soymilk
- 2% milk
- Bananas, oranges, or apples

Sometimes there (one a week or less to 3X a week)
- Turkey bacon
- Whole wheat spaghetti
- Mashed potatoes
- Roast turkey or chicken
- Sweet or baked potato
- Some tofu dish, like with curry
- Cooked peas or carrots
- Raw carrots and celery

At the Hub (the other campus dining place where I work)
- Veggie burger on two slices of lettuce instead of a bun
- Sun chips
- Apple, walnut, feta cheese salad with poppyseed dressing
- Grilled chicken sandwich minus the bun
- Chicken filet salad
- "Naked" burrito (without the tortilla) + white tortilla chips

As you can see, that is a pretty limited menu there.  For a spoiled American.  But it's totally fine.  There's always church potlucks and the occasional sugary treat to mix things up.

This week's "learnin's":

[How I feel after every microbiology lab]

Here's some cool stuff I've learned in a typical week at NWC:
- how penicillin works
- how to stain bacteria purple or red to figure out what kind it is (Gram staining)
- how to assess a patient's pain
- the philosophical problem of fighting a child soldier as an American soldier 
- how to say "that's the last straw!" in Spanish.  

All my classes are real interesting.  I love learning :)

Dialing digits for donations:

Remember last year how Kara did Phonathon (they might call it something else at NWMS, I forget)?  She called alumni and parents of students to ask for scholarship donations, earning points to get that "oh so wonderful" bag of chips (poor Kara).

Anyway, I'm doing that too!  Although it's a bit different for me since we also take the prayer requests of people we call.  And I actually enjoy calling strangers on the phone (what a weirdo, right? haha)!  I'll have a little cubicle and that telemarketer-ish headset for three hours a week, dialing number after number of people all across the nation.  It's exciting!

That was a long and boring post, perhaps.  Hope your week is going as well as mine!


Thursday, September 11, 2014

[Mostly] Selfies

This post will descend where no post has gone before: selfies. I don't have a smart phone, so I don't take a lot of selfies, but when I do, I take them with my computer and send them to my sister to communicate what I'm doing. Let us explore what the days have entailed:
I learned that even though I LOVE milk, I cannot finish a half-
gallon of milk before it goes bad. BUT I discovered the incredibly
cute alternative in this quart-sized carton!
I have a fantastic roommate who asked if I would like her to curl
my hair on a day we were dressing up. She did a really good job
and learned just how much hair I have on my head. (A lot.)
A history paper means a trip to the library. The third floor is very
sunny and also very quiet, which is fantastic!
This is the face I made on the one day that I left my umbrella in
my room and therefore got wet after class and spent an hour killing
time in a building between classes.
Asian Pears (one of my favorite fruits) were on sale for 99 cents
per pound! They are usually $1.99/lb, so I snatched a few up
during a roommate shopping to HyVee.
I got to check out this lovely camera for a photojournalism class.
It was truly wonderful, and if I had $1,000 lying around, I'd snatch
one of these babies up. They are certainly great!
For all you technical types, that a Rebel T41 with a 18-135mm lens.
It's September, so the nice, crisp weather is upon us! In my case,
this means the beginning of 6 months of never quite being warm
enough. Luckily, I can wear comfy sweaters, like this one, borrowed
from the lovely Olivia! Go UNI!
And finally, we conclude with pictures of what I spend most of my "free time" doing: Marching Band! No more selfies here! Lauren Bolt took most of these!

At Freshman Convocation

I'm behind Brett

That's me on the far left


Saturday, September 6, 2014

Red Pens and Sweet Dreams

News since we last "spoke":

- My anatomy professor from last year asked me to be his teacher's assistant!  That he would ask me is highly encouraging.  I believe he was one of the scientists who developed the worm vaccination given at veterinary clinics.  He is one of the smartest people I've ever met!  Anyway, I graded my first stack of quizzes and it was fun, although a little harder than I expected.  You have to be consistent with your grading on every problem of course, which is harder than it sounds (hopefully I'll do a lot better job next time)

- Two nights ago, I intentionally didn't do homework.  My conscience has slain me ever since.  I did not finish a video and did not read a textbook chapter because it was 11 p.m. and I decided that sleep was more important.  This is part of my new attitude that taking care of yourself must come first.  That night I still got only seven hours of sleep (which is the bare minimum I need to function and be a kind person and important stuff like that).  Still, I feel really badly about not doing all assigned homework.  In life, there are so many things you should do, and there is simply not enough time to do all of them.  If you have thoughts on this topic or disagree, I'd love to hear it in the comments!

Billie, have you moved into Iowa yet?  I really want to hear about your adventurous summer!


P.S. Remind me to include room pix next post!

Sunday, August 24, 2014


Sophomore. Weird to spell, weirder to say.
It's hard to believe I'm a year out from being new to college.
This year started out just like last year... with Band Camp!
Lots of music rehearsals and outdoor marching practices happened. (Check out some great pics here! You should really take a peek! :) )
However, this year was definitely better than last year, and it's all about perspective.
Last year, I knew no one and I actually sat in my dorm room at the end of each day and just stared at the wall. I was so lonely that I called my family every night and usually cried some too.
This year, I haven't had a dull evening, or a sad one either. I spent the first one hanging out with friends and having adventures, and every night since has had something going on!
Last year, I didn't know what I was getting into. The BMB was new to me, not to mention the drumline. I was scared and felt like I was constantly pulled from one place to another because I just didn't know how stuff worked.
Leadin' the section
(Photo cred to Lauren Bolt)
This year, I have a much better handle on things! The BMB is like family, and it was so great to be able to be able to welcome so many new freshmen to drumline. I am the bass drum section leader, which has been a neat position to have. I really enjoy working with everyone and being able to help them learn how things work.
Last year, I came to college worried about how I was going to earn money. I needed a job, but no one would hire me. When I did end up getting a job, it was definitely not a good fit for me.
This year, I came to college knowing that I have 2 jobs, both of which I enjoy. Being the music librarian has been great because I can make my own hours, and I know I'll enjoy being an accompanist too!
Most importantly, last year I felt like I was all alone at first because I didn't know anyone and was in a completely new place.
However, this year, I was excited to come back to all of the friends I hadn't seen in 2 months. I didn't realize how much I was used to seeing everyone so much every day.

Remembering where I was at last year has kept one thing at the forefront of my mind: Many Freshmen are in the same spot that I was; lonely, confused, lost, and trying to get settled in a completely new place. Now that I'm in a place where I can be a leader, it's been neat to be able to be the person I would have liked to meet as a Freshman. I had so many people come up to me as a Freshman and just be nice, and I can only hope that this year's Freshmen feel the same way about me and the other members of the band.
I can't wait to see what this year holds! If this past week has been any indication, this year getting started on the right foot (the left one, of course [band humor])! I know that some great things are in store!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Recently, on the other side of the world...

Well, it was a great summer!  A hard summer, but a great one.  Having the opportunity to lead 18 teenagers to Asia?  What a privilege.

Leading something for the first time in my life was definitely a stretching experience.  It was like lifting weights every day, emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically.   But I'm awfully thankful for all the lessons God taught me.  Here's what happened:

After the team went through boot camp training in Florida, we took the 14-ish hour plane flight to Hong Kong, then flew to Myanmar's capital (Yangon).  We stayed in a clean, air-conditioned guest house and then took an eight hour bus ride over the mountains to the roughest, poorest, most violent state in Myanmar, the Rakhine state.  We moved into a less luxurious guest house and received the unwelcome news that the local officials would not allow the team to do their building project.  The end. 

 Our head leader suspects that the local Buddhist monks were a bit suspicious of us.  For one thing, Myanmar has been closed to foreigners until the past year.  In that country, it is illegal for foreigners to spend the night anywhere except a registered guest house.  This is so the government can keep a good eye on them... er, us.

So we packed up and flew to Cambodia instead!

There, the team started a building for Cambodia's Teen Missions Boot Camp, just like camp we'd just come from.  The teens erected massive concrete pillars, poured a floor, and watched the funds they'd raised pay for a bright blue metal roof to be constructed above.  Meanwhile, I helped cook for the team every day, using a metal box of an oven and a one pot cooking fire.  I also got the chance to lead the team's daily Bible studies and girls small group.  During those days, we lived in tents, filtered our water, tried some exotic fruits, and learned to use "squatty potties" like pros!

The highlight of every day for me was to be driven in a tuk tuk  (a typically Asian conveyance consisting of a three-wheeled "buggy" hitched to a motorcycle) to the local market to buy fresh produce, sugar, etc.  I learned some greetings in Khmer (pronounced Kih-MY) and got familiar with Cambodian currency.

Before returning to the U.S., we got one sightseeing day in Hong Kong, and that was glorious!  Seeing the city lights over the harbor by ferry, exploring the night markets, eating at a Hong Kong McDonald's... it was a good time :)

It was hard to say goodbye to the team, but it's been good to be home at last.  College classes start Tuesday and I'll keep you all updated.

Stay wonderful!

My beloved team :)

The beautiful Gwa orphans.  
Please pray that someone will be able to build for them.  
20 plus orphans live in a thatched house half the size of a typical one story home.  
They have nothing but the clothes on their back, a toothbrush, and a bed roll.  
They play in the dirt and with a flea-bitten dog.  
They live on nothing but daily food and the love of the home's staff, 
but they are being taught to love Jesus.  
We will never forget them.

Monday, June 16, 2014

And then there was one... [me]

So, in a little bit of an interesting sort of happening, I am the only co-author of this blog that is capable of posting on it until approximately August.
Now do not fear!
My two trusty sidekicks are just fine.
They are just kinda sorta not in the country for a while, or for that matter, not near any internet.
But I am.
It's like "Lone Survivor" or something. [That's a movie, right? I have no clue.]
So while my cohorts are off doing great and wonderful things, I, too, shall do great and wonderful things... Here... while working at HyVee... and hanging out with some people... and doing cool things.
I wonder if they'll notice if I change the blog background... tee hee hee!
I might also introduce a guest author here and there. Don't worry, she's related. ;)
But for now, I'll close with this...
Because no matter if you're in a far off country being a missionary, or up the road working at HyVee [that's me] this is true and applicable.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

My Hypothetical Summer

Here's where I am supposed to be and what I plan to do until Aug. 12.

Friday I fly DM > Dallas > Orlando and spend like a month in Merritt Island (yes, for real), Florida.
I will be an assistant leader for Teen Missions International, helping lead their Myanmar teen mission trip.

At the "boot camp" training on muggy Merritt Island, I will get leader training and then be with my team of 13 or so teens as they go through training for two weeks.

(That's me at boot camp last year as a team member wearing the starry bandanna)

Then we fly to JFK airport, then Hong Kong, then Rangoon (Myanmar's capital), and go to a children's home right on the Bay of Bengal.  For three weeks, the team members construct a shower house for the home and hang out with the children while I cook for my team and help lead daily Bible studies for them. Myanmar, more commonly called Burma, is right next to India and China and pretty huge for a country Americans aren't likely to be familiar with.

(Photo from

Then we all get a day of tourism in Hong Kong and head back for several days of "debriefing" in Florida.  I get a week back at home to prep for college and then it's off to my first year of actual nursing program college life!

Hey, now you're totally filled in!
And please please write to me because it will make my day.  Really.  :)

P.S.  I miss Billie.  She's off adventuring right now as well.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Lucy! I'm Home!

(Warning: This post has no pictures and many bullet points. Consider yourself warned. :) )
Well here I sit.
On my couch
At home.
I've been here just over 2 weeks.
In that time, I have managed to

  • find a job at HyVee (I can check you out! Haha!)
  • clean lots of things
  • hang out with some of my wonderful friends from school
  • hang out with a college friend
  • actually work at HyVee (the code for bananas is 4011)
  • attended a bridal shower
In that time, I have also managed NOT to

  • put practically anything back into my room (the logistics are hard when you are sharing the room with your sister, who is a permanent resident)
  • gone to bed before 9 p.m. (but then again, that is normal)
  • gotten up before 8 a.m. practically ever (except for church)

Being at home in the summer is hard. 
Maybe hard isn't the right word, because it really is just what I need. The ability to spend copious amounts of time with my closest friend/practically another sister is really just what I need. And I have missed it.
But being at home during the summer is different.
First, even though you know it isn't true, you have this nagging thought in the back of your head that ponders if anyone really cares that you are back. Not your family and close friends, of course, but those people that you used to see all the time. That you used to interact with for one reason or three. If you're like me and sometimes journey too far in to your introverted mind, you start over-analyzing things. But then you have to sort of shake yourself and remind yourself that there are people who are so glad you're back that it is not worth it worrying about it because you can just hang out with awesome people!
Also, for nine months you have been trying to get used to not having your family around. And that is hard because you miss them. But then suddenly they are all back and you are back and it is the best thing because you have missed them so much. However, you haven't had to live with them for 9 months and vice versa, and even though you feel like you have plenty of experience (you know, about 19 years....) interacting with them is hard again. And you don't want it to be. And it quickly gets easier (for example, now is better than 2 weeks ago). But you have to get over doing everything by yourself for 9 months and you get to enjoy hanging out with the people you love. You just get back into the swing of things.
For me, the swing of things has included:
  • getting re-used to sharing a room with someone who does not have the same cleaning priorities as me (which is just fine.)
  • not having a schedule/routine
  • not seeing the same people day after day and getting to interact and laugh
  • not seeing much of anyone aside from my family from day to day because school is not done yet here and colleges are just beginning to finish up. (I was done SO EARLY. I realized this very quickly.)
However, summer is just barely beginning, so I have high hopes. At least it better get better, or HyVee is going to be the most fun I have in a day. And while I do have quite the knack for memorizing things (just ask 3-year-old Kara who memorized a whole VeggieTales story) I don't want memorizing the codes for fruits and vegetables to be the highlight of my days.
And really, it won't be.
There are already some exciting plans!
  • refinishing a chair
  • graduation parties
  • hanging out with Kelli and one of our cousins in MN with our fabulous aunt and uncle
  • going to Washington, D.C. with the family
  • one of our very close friends' wedding!
  • Reading Pride and Prejudice and The Fault in Our Stars (I've started Pride and Prejudice. It sort of sounds like what my life would have been like if I lived back then...)
So here's to a summer full of interesting things and also making money. And also hanging out with some great people. And also making memories.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Freshman Year: A Recap (Wait, we're recapping already?!)

Now that I'm home for the summer, I've spent some time reflecting on my first year of college. Here's a little recap.
First night in the dorms. I was super lonely because I had to
be there before everyone else because of band camp

Roommate bonding time! Sonic and brick-buying!

First day of classes!
People sent me letters and I loved every one of them! <3
I did marching band!
And it was wonderful!
Pretty soon, a victorious football team meant
the marching band following them to the
national championships in Alabama....
And came back to this weather...
Luckily music students are a resourceful
bunch, so we shoveled out with music stands!
I was honored to be invited to join Kappa Kappa Psi, the
National Honorary Band fraternity! The Kappa people quickly
became like a second family!
We had a women's retreat for Navigators,
which was tons of fun!
Then there was the music fraternity formal....
Which was awesome...
And so much fun!
As the year came to a close, I officially became a member of
Kappa Kappa Psi, and gained so many wonderful, amazing,
caring Brothers!
To sum up this year, it's been one of learning and fun. There have been some downs, but mostly there have been ups. If you would have told me when I first got here that I would be sad to leave, I would have laughed (and then cried because I wanted to go home). But now I can't wait to go back and keep having fun with all of those crazy people I get to call my friends! The Fine Arts building really was full of fun people, fun memories, and fun times, and I also can't wait to move back to South Complex with the wonderful Olivia!
Here's to a fun summer (I'll check you out at HyVee... your groceries that is. :) ) and to a swift conclusion to the school year for my blog-writing pals!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Reluctant Additions (Ew. WithOUT the Math)

Kara was right, this thing's been radio silent. But then two thirds of this thing decided to add fancy things. And here I am, sitting at my desk, debating whether to add to it. Let's see what happens.

Life is going well for me here in the Number One Party School in the country. I've decided that dorm life is wonderful, but if I do more than one year of it, I'll claw my eyes out with a rusty plastic spork. So I've signed the lease on an apartment for next year, which is as swell as peanut butter and banana sandwiches. Pretty swell. My roommate now isn't going to be my roomie again next year, which is the biggest bummer since they cancelled Firefly. (Happy birthday to Jey, by the way. Congrats on living a full 19 years.) But I've got plans with a friend of a friend who is now MY friend, Elise. She's pretty awesome, likes Disney, and agreed to live with me, so I'll happily take her.

Hm. What else.

I dunno. Lemme throw up some pictures for you guys. A picture is worth a thousand words, so I'll be saying a lot.

Jey and I got into a marker board war. My brother drew the dog at the beginning of the year. I'm the pink marker, and Jey is the purple and blue marker. It was a group effort.
Being an English major is fun.
This should be self explanatory.
And I have about twenty.
This is so scary about how accurate it is. I have SO. MANY. BOOKS. I swear, my book buying problem is 95% of the reason I'm a poor college student.
Evidently I did have something to say. But it's not fair that Eliza and Kara finish school before me. My last day is May 13th. I have pretty much an entire month before I can head back home. And I have finals. The dreaded finals. FINALS WEEK WILL BE PAINFUL.