Sunday, February 12, 2017

I'm Here!

Since Eliza updated everyone on her whereabouts, I figure I should throw in my update as well!

After a not so smooth first semester back home, this current semester is treating me very well!
Currently I am taking Survey of World Religions, Composition II, Microbiology, and American History 1877 to Present. With that combination of class, I am learning a WHOLE bunch of stuff, all which is fairly interesting!

Turns out you can buy packs of 300 note cards!
Just what I need for Microbiology!

Along with classes, I am also working at Mary Greeley Medical Center here in Ames, and I am LOVING it! I've been working on the Med Telemetry floor (heart stuff, for all you non-medical people) since May, and have had many great learning experiences! It is definitely keeping me very busy, but I do not really mind because it keeps me in the medical field while I am not in nursing classes.

While Eliza will be in Albania over Spring Break, I am also going to a place that starts with A! Arkansas! My mom and I will be going to Arkansas to dig for diamonds at Crater of Diamonds State Park! We have joked about going for quite awhile, but we are finally going to make it happen!

Image result for diamond

Ok! I think that is everything new from me! Kara, you're next!