Friday, April 18, 2014

Reluctant Additions (Ew. WithOUT the Math)

Kara was right, this thing's been radio silent. But then two thirds of this thing decided to add fancy things. And here I am, sitting at my desk, debating whether to add to it. Let's see what happens.

Life is going well for me here in the Number One Party School in the country. I've decided that dorm life is wonderful, but if I do more than one year of it, I'll claw my eyes out with a rusty plastic spork. So I've signed the lease on an apartment for next year, which is as swell as peanut butter and banana sandwiches. Pretty swell. My roommate now isn't going to be my roomie again next year, which is the biggest bummer since they cancelled Firefly. (Happy birthday to Jey, by the way. Congrats on living a full 19 years.) But I've got plans with a friend of a friend who is now MY friend, Elise. She's pretty awesome, likes Disney, and agreed to live with me, so I'll happily take her.

Hm. What else.

I dunno. Lemme throw up some pictures for you guys. A picture is worth a thousand words, so I'll be saying a lot.

Jey and I got into a marker board war. My brother drew the dog at the beginning of the year. I'm the pink marker, and Jey is the purple and blue marker. It was a group effort.
Being an English major is fun.
This should be self explanatory.
And I have about twenty.
This is so scary about how accurate it is. I have SO. MANY. BOOKS. I swear, my book buying problem is 95% of the reason I'm a poor college student.
Evidently I did have something to say. But it's not fair that Eliza and Kara finish school before me. My last day is May 13th. I have pretty much an entire month before I can head back home. And I have finals. The dreaded finals. FINALS WEEK WILL BE PAINFUL.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

In Which I Ramble

I'm home!  And doing phys.  I am eternally doing physiology.  My cells were doing just fine being mini-superheroes before I came along and drew all this stuff about their receptors and signalling cascades and so on and on.... but 2 1/2 more weeks of school!  It's all going to be okay!

I am here getting my monthly hug quota filled from Mom and enjoying the ever humorous humor of my witty brother.  So proud of both of them.  And my purr-y little fluffball (Priscilla the gray cat) is happy to see me as well.

Wondering what Billie's up to... sounds like life has gotten much better for Kara and I'm SO GLAD.

Recent media consumption of my own free will::
Reading "Anne of Ingleside", the 6th Anne book.  Also "Searching for God Knows What", a collection of funny and thought-provoking and refreshingly not stuffy essays from Donald Miller (he also wrote the delicious and much-needed "Blue Like Jazz").  Watching Awake (an older show about a guy living in two different versions of reality and he has no idea which is real and which isn't!) and The Voice (best season yet).

Pumped for Easter dinner.  Pumped to be done with this last of phys exams before finals week.

And that's a wrap!


This meme is excellent.  ↓

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Dangit! Cool things just started happening! Now school's ending!

Well, this blog has been decidedly silent for a while, so I must share with you some exciting things! There have been many! Most of them are music-related. Let's proceed. (Many pictures today!)
My Kappa family!
1. I am now a full-fledged member of Kappa Kappa Psi, the National Honorary Fraternity for College Bandmembers! (Yes, formally, bandmembers is one word in this case.) It has been so wonderful to be able to get involved with service to bands. All of my brothers from the fraternity are wonderful and I have become so close to them, which is a total answer to prayer. I'm so glad I have found friends here that share my distinct interest in band and music, and never cease to make me smile, cheer me up, and care about me!

This is my Beaver family. We are so close, and just like real siblings.
Here are all of the new members and Brittany, who was our teacher or sorts.
This is us and our Big brothers. We get along well, you might say! :)
Kappa people like to have fun! Observe:

2.We also have awesome dances! Honestly, this was the most fun I might have had at a dance ever! The company was probably the biggest reason for this!

Parker and Erin, two of my awesome Beaver family members!
Erin and me! We get along so great. We also like shenanigans.
Also, Nick asked me to go to formal with him, which might have been one of the coolest, nicest things to happen this semester! I'd never been asked to a dance ever, and it was such a fun time! I also learned how to play blackjack. And then I was informed that I should stay out of casinos.
These pictures look super awkward. They weren't. I promise.
This would also be an appropriate time to give a shout out to Nick for letting me borrow his mouse. Creating this blog post would have been impossible on this tablet sans mouse. (I forgot mine at home. Again. Oye ve!)
It would also be an appropriate time to say thank you to Eliza's mom, Lisa, for the dress and jewelry. They were perfect!
Roadtrip selfie!
(Photo cred goes to Olivia)
Another thing I am excited about is that I know who my roomie is for next year! Olivia and I got to know each other through marching band last fall and we carpool home all the time! We get along really well, so I'm glad I'll get to share a room with her! We are currently working on plans for fitting a comfy chair in our room next year.

As of today, Tuesday the 15th, I have 15 more days until I can go home for the summer. I am very much looking forward to this, mostly because it will mean that I will get to see certain friends (Eliza and Billie *coughcough*) that I haven't seen in practically forever.

I did go home last weekend, so I got to hang out with my sister and Meghan and experience prom vicariously through them! They both looked so beautiful!

Other great things:
-I applied to be one of the drumline section leaders in marching band next year. I'm excited about this possibility!
-Beaver family movie party plans!
-I am now the new Corresponding Secretary for Kappa Kappa Psi next year! I am really looking forward to this opportunity and I can't wait to be more involved in Kappa and the exec. board!
-Something exciting is happening on Wednesday! It's a surprise!