Thursday, April 17, 2014

In Which I Ramble

I'm home!  And doing phys.  I am eternally doing physiology.  My cells were doing just fine being mini-superheroes before I came along and drew all this stuff about their receptors and signalling cascades and so on and on.... but 2 1/2 more weeks of school!  It's all going to be okay!

I am here getting my monthly hug quota filled from Mom and enjoying the ever humorous humor of my witty brother.  So proud of both of them.  And my purr-y little fluffball (Priscilla the gray cat) is happy to see me as well.

Wondering what Billie's up to... sounds like life has gotten much better for Kara and I'm SO GLAD.

Recent media consumption of my own free will::
Reading "Anne of Ingleside", the 6th Anne book.  Also "Searching for God Knows What", a collection of funny and thought-provoking and refreshingly not stuffy essays from Donald Miller (he also wrote the delicious and much-needed "Blue Like Jazz").  Watching Awake (an older show about a guy living in two different versions of reality and he has no idea which is real and which isn't!) and The Voice (best season yet).

Pumped for Easter dinner.  Pumped to be done with this last of phys exams before finals week.

And that's a wrap!


This meme is excellent.  ↓

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  1. Your meme choice is excellent, as always!
    I hope your time at home for Easter is splendid!
    Bleck on the phys. I seem to be operating just fine without knowing about signaling cascades.