Thursday, May 19, 2016

An email quiz... 7 years later

While shuffling through emails, I found one from November 2009. I was 15 and in 8th grade. This one contained on of those quizzes where you answered one word for every question and I thought I'd go back and revisit my answers... Enjoy this brief glimpse at awkward 8th grade Kara. :) (With present-day Kara commentary in purple)
Fun fact: In order to give myself some practice (and because I sometimes have strange ideas of what is "fun"), this blog post was written entirely in code. HTML to be exact. Which means it looked like this before you saw it:

The "Quiz"
Where is your cell phone? whatcellphone (Mine goes *swoosh swoosh* (slides phone open and closed.))
Significant other? uhhh... (Don't worry, 8th Grade Kara. You've got Joey now!)
Your hair? brown (Yes. This is still true.)
Your mother? kind (This is also still true.)
Your father? tall (That's all the better you could do, 8th Grade Kara?! Come on!)
Your favorite thing? fruit (I mean, sure, fruit is great! But what about, like, other stuff that's not as lame?)
Your dream last night? whatdream (Actually had a dream last night about getting ready this morning and there was a giant praying mantis that came crawling out of my bookshelf. Eegad!)
Your favorite drink? tea (What about milk, 8th grade Kara?! Huh!?)
What room are you in? dining (Bedroom)
Your hobby? piano (100% still true. Good work, 8th grade Kara.)
Your fear? puking!!! (Also 100% still true. Also bats in my basement. That's a new one.)
Where do you want to be in 6 years? UNI (Well, you're at Northwest, 8th grade Kara, and you're loving it, so don't worry!)
Where were you last night? aplay (Ah! The sneaky make-two-words-one-word because it's a one word quiz. Classic. I was not at aplay last night. I was at myhouse.)
Something that you aren't? dumb (Well played, 8th Grade Kara. You are not dumb. Good one.)
Muffins? yum! (Agreed.)
Wish list item? bedroom (Well, it took 7 more years, 8th Grade Kara, but you do now have a bedroom to yourself. For one year. Savor it. Also, your wishlist is quite different now.)

Last thing you did? homework (Well, I've literally been doing homework for the past 2 weeks, but I did just make a cup of coffee...)
What are you wearing? pants (Again, well played, 8th Grade Kara. You are indeed wearing pants. Now I am wearing a fancy office-worker outfit, complete with cool earrings. (Yeah, 8th Grade Kara, you may swear off of it now, but give yourself 5 years and you'll get your ears pierced!)
TV? no (Netflix!)
Your pets? none (I have some plants I spend an inordinate amount of time staring at to analyze how much they are growing. One's named Bartlebee the Green Plantern.)
Friends? some (It's ok, 8th grade Kara. Now you realize you have THE BEST FRIENDS, no matter their proximity!)
Your life? crazy (True, but right now I'd also add pretty happy.)
Your mood? ok (Cheery!)
Missing someone? Kelsey (This is still true, but I also miss my family and Eliza and Meghan and a lot of people I haven't seen for a while.)
Drinking? no (I mean I've been known to get pretty wild making fruit smoothies... Mango AND raspberries...Wooooo!)
Your car? Iwish (Same, 8th Grade Kara. But your little red scooter is lots of fun! And you can channel Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday!)
Something you're not wearing? tricornerhat (So true, 8th Grade Kara. You are indeed NOT wearing a tri-corner hat. Present-you is also not wearing a tri-corner hat. Or any hat for that matter.)
Your favorite store? theloft (I don't know... The Loft is pretty great, but what about Kohls or Target or Hobby Lobby, 8th Grade Kara? Huh?)
Your favorite color? blue (Blue is nice, 8th Grade Kara, but so mainstream. How bout grey?)
When is the last time you cried? lastweekmaybe (It's been a while, and this is a testament to how well things are currently going.)
Who will resend this? thoseaformentioned (Ooooo! "aforemention!" Good word, 8th Grade Kara!)
Where do you go to over and over? school (This has not changed. Not one iota.)
Five people who email me regularly? eliza-kelsey-kristen-wendy-gabe (I mean, I get a lot of FB messages from Kelli, Joey, Eliza, and Kristen, along with my small group people.... (That's right 8th Grade Kara! One day, you too will have a Facebook page!)
My favorite place to eat? hickorypark (What!! Nonono, 8th Grade Kara! What are you doing?! What about HuHot?! What about HyChi! You've even discovered the beauty of Happy Garden in Maryville! Not Hickory Park!)
Favorite place I'd like to be at right now? nebraska (Iowa would be nice.)
Hope you've enjoyed this little look at past and present me & maybe gotten an update somewhere along the way! :)