Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Oh yes, blogging, that thing I used to do...

Oh dear, haven't posted since December.

What has happened since then?  Everything.

A really nice semester, in which I had my first practical experience at a nursing home and a small hospital.  Halfway done with college! 

I've gotten so much closer to dorm friends.

I saw the Orange City tulip festival, which was an interesting cultural experience to observe.

Got a letter from Teen Missions International (TMI), asking if I would be a back up leader for the summer teen trip to Zimbabwe.  Very exciting!  This will probably be my last summer with TMI (at least for quite a while). 

Now I'm chilling "back at the ranch".  Mom has three boarders in the house now, and one of them is my dear friend Sarah from college.

Spending my days reviewing nursing skills, watching stacks of movies, and enjoying the out-of-doors.

So there's your oh-wow-it's-been-almost-six-months update :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

My Summer, as told by memes

School got out at the end of April. At first I felt like this:

By the time I get to the end of each year, I start to feel overwhelmed by every little thing, so I was happy to be going home.
However, leaving for home also meant leaving all my fantastic friends at Northwest.
Then I got home and realized that all of my friends from back home were still in school, which made for a lot of empty time.
I was happy about the prospect of sleeping in a bit in celebration of summer, but when the rest of your family works or goes to school, thus waking up at 6:30 a.m., it feels a bit like this:
(I like my sleep.)
However, that whole "I'll sleep in" bit didn't last too long, because I started work  on the first Monday that I was back. (aka: I now get up earlier now than I did all school year. This make me proud and a little sad.)
I work at a car dealership, and I do a little of everything. I move cars, file papers, clean things, clean cars, go buy snacks for everyone, etc. It's really a great job, and I enjoy it because of the variety.
But there is still one thing I sadly cannot do, even though I work at a car dealership:
Sorry Mr. T. :(
Other than work, I've done some babysitting, which has been pretty great.
And I've hung out with some friends.
Overall, it's been a good summer so far, and it's not even the end of May! I'm looking forward what the rest of the summer holds!