Monday, June 16, 2014

And then there was one... [me]

So, in a little bit of an interesting sort of happening, I am the only co-author of this blog that is capable of posting on it until approximately August.
Now do not fear!
My two trusty sidekicks are just fine.
They are just kinda sorta not in the country for a while, or for that matter, not near any internet.
But I am.
It's like "Lone Survivor" or something. [That's a movie, right? I have no clue.]
So while my cohorts are off doing great and wonderful things, I, too, shall do great and wonderful things... Here... while working at HyVee... and hanging out with some people... and doing cool things.
I wonder if they'll notice if I change the blog background... tee hee hee!
I might also introduce a guest author here and there. Don't worry, she's related. ;)
But for now, I'll close with this...
Because no matter if you're in a far off country being a missionary, or up the road working at HyVee [that's me] this is true and applicable.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

My Hypothetical Summer

Here's where I am supposed to be and what I plan to do until Aug. 12.

Friday I fly DM > Dallas > Orlando and spend like a month in Merritt Island (yes, for real), Florida.
I will be an assistant leader for Teen Missions International, helping lead their Myanmar teen mission trip.

At the "boot camp" training on muggy Merritt Island, I will get leader training and then be with my team of 13 or so teens as they go through training for two weeks.

(That's me at boot camp last year as a team member wearing the starry bandanna)

Then we fly to JFK airport, then Hong Kong, then Rangoon (Myanmar's capital), and go to a children's home right on the Bay of Bengal.  For three weeks, the team members construct a shower house for the home and hang out with the children while I cook for my team and help lead daily Bible studies for them. Myanmar, more commonly called Burma, is right next to India and China and pretty huge for a country Americans aren't likely to be familiar with.

(Photo from

Then we all get a day of tourism in Hong Kong and head back for several days of "debriefing" in Florida.  I get a week back at home to prep for college and then it's off to my first year of actual nursing program college life!

Hey, now you're totally filled in!
And please please write to me because it will make my day.  Really.  :)

P.S.  I miss Billie.  She's off adventuring right now as well.