Monday, June 16, 2014

And then there was one... [me]

So, in a little bit of an interesting sort of happening, I am the only co-author of this blog that is capable of posting on it until approximately August.
Now do not fear!
My two trusty sidekicks are just fine.
They are just kinda sorta not in the country for a while, or for that matter, not near any internet.
But I am.
It's like "Lone Survivor" or something. [That's a movie, right? I have no clue.]
So while my cohorts are off doing great and wonderful things, I, too, shall do great and wonderful things... Here... while working at HyVee... and hanging out with some people... and doing cool things.
I wonder if they'll notice if I change the blog background... tee hee hee!
I might also introduce a guest author here and there. Don't worry, she's related. ;)
But for now, I'll close with this...
Because no matter if you're in a far off country being a missionary, or up the road working at HyVee [that's me] this is true and applicable.

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