Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Oh yes, blogging, that thing I used to do...

Oh dear, haven't posted since December.

What has happened since then?  Everything.

A really nice semester, in which I had my first practical experience at a nursing home and a small hospital.  Halfway done with college! 

I've gotten so much closer to dorm friends.

I saw the Orange City tulip festival, which was an interesting cultural experience to observe.

Got a letter from Teen Missions International (TMI), asking if I would be a back up leader for the summer teen trip to Zimbabwe.  Very exciting!  This will probably be my last summer with TMI (at least for quite a while). 

Now I'm chilling "back at the ranch".  Mom has three boarders in the house now, and one of them is my dear friend Sarah from college.

Spending my days reviewing nursing skills, watching stacks of movies, and enjoying the out-of-doors.

So there's your oh-wow-it's-been-almost-six-months update :)

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