Saturday, November 1, 2014

Nursing homes, cold-ness, and eyeglasses

Today is zee first of November.
I have moved to a new wing of Fern.

It's getting cold.  But the weather procrastinated that inevitable change, so I won't complain too much.  I mean, I am an Iowan, so complaining about the weather a little goes with the territory ;)

I have a plan for next semester and next summer and even the summer after that.

Here's my tentative future.

Next semester is packed, but I will not be working at all.  I will go from three jobs to zero (breathes sigh of relief).   Classes will be Nursing Fundamentals, Theology Part 2, Pharmacology (memorizing medicine), Adult Developmental Psychology, and a class on caring for the older population.  That last class is my gateway to clinicals at a nursing home, I think.  It's getting real up in the nursing program!  18 credits is bonkers-crazy, but I shall survive.

I have been asked by Teen Mission International to be a backup leader for their Zimbabwe Medical Mission Trip this summer!!! YESSS!  We will be working with orphans, cleaning wounds and delivering eyeglasses.  So jazzed.  

Next next summer (the one between my junior and senior year), I plan to take classes online to ease the burden a little, and to work as a CNA at Madrid Nursing Home just a few miles from my house.  The idea of spending a summer at home with Mother for the first time since age 16 is actually quite pleasant.  I can actually go to our town's Fourth of July celebration :)  Oh, and that May I am saving up to fly to see my aunt and uncle in New Jersey.  That would be an epic trip.

Got great plans for my little Day of Rest.  A walk to Fareway, a movie night with my dear friend Sophie, and spending time with a friend from work.  Oh yeah, and I'm going to mass for the first time in years.  The cool thing about Northwestern is that I've made two new Catholic friends, and they are neat-o.

And that's a wrap.  Have a wonderful, thankful month.
There's sure a lot to be thankful about.
And just remember, if you can't find a lot to be happy about,
you could have Ebola right now!  

// runs away giggling //

// runs back//

>> I forgot to tell you I can vote now!  And will, for the first time, on the 4th!  
      Hope you'll do the same.

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