Saturday, November 15, 2014

Downsizing the Dither

2nd post in a month!  Woot!

It's snowing, a nice mild snow.  A friend and I walked to Fareway this morning and our faces didn't even hurt.

I am feeling weighed down by my waffle-dough-microwaved-in-a-mug concoction I had for breakfast.  And kind of sleepy.  Johnny Cash is walking the line from my Spotify playlist and the rhythmic guitar is lulling me to sleep...

(Photo by Tracey Steffen, shamelessly stolen from her FB page without permission.  Hopefully she still loves me.)
 This is the football team practicing in the white precipitate this morning.

Hm.  Do I actually have anything important to say?

This is the most chill quarter at college I've ever had.  It rocks.  And someone took my 7 hour Saturday night shift at work so now I can relax on Saturdays.  YAYY!  Tonight, my friends and I are going to a play by the theater department.

Today's plans also include going to work out in the gym to the drivel that is Saturday television.

Well, this post was pointless, except to point out the fact that I am still alive, listening to Christmas music before Thanksgiving (oh the scandal!) and still think taking a Saturday Sabbath is the best tradition God ever thought of.

Hope you're having a super November.


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