Thursday, December 4, 2014

Six days!

Well, I have just been all sorts of neglectful about writing something here.
I did the classic, "I could write about this!" and then I never did. Multiple times.
So now of course, when I could do other things (like study for finals that are next week...) I will instead write on here. Because I have priorities. Also because I need a break.
So here are the 6 Days of almost-the-end-of the-semester (because I literally have 6 days until I'm done for the semester!)
On the first day of almost-the-end-of-the-semester, marching band gave to me...
A box full of music and a way to make some money!
Since the marching band season is done, I now have 30+ songs (multiplied by 130 people) to sort and file. Music to deal with = some chill time by myself making money!
On the second day of almost-the-end-of-the-semester, marching band gave to me...
A torn out music library!
In preparation for the new library organizing system that will be going in next week, most of the music had to come out of the library. For me, that meant boxing up 1,000+ pieces of marching band music and moving them. So right now the music library has been reduced to a bunch of file cabinets in the corner. It's a lot like living out of boxes while you are moving, so I'm a bit flustered, but I'm so excited for the new system! For reference, this is a "pre-moving" picture:
Picture the shelves going all around the room with a lot of file
cabinets off to the right.
On the third day of almost-the-end-of-the-semester, marching band gave to me...
A band banquet which was really quite pretty! (I'm trying to make these rhyme. Work with me...)
To celebrate the end of the marching band season, we have a banquet, put on by a committee of Kappa Kappa Psi. I was a part of that committee this year, so I got in on all aspects of planning and decorating and everything in between! I also presented all of the awards to 3, 4, 5, and 6 year members, as well as some other awards. It was such a fun event!
Committee! (This picture is highly accurate.)
On the fourth day of almost-the-end-of-the-semester, my classes gave to me...   
One stressful assignment in photography.
 For the final assignment in my photojournalism class, I had to do a photo essay, which is basically a bunch of photos of one event. I decided to follow the band banquet from set-up to tear-down, so I took over 200 pictures over the course of the night. I whittled them down to my final 18, and presented them on Tuesday. I was worried because I wanted to tip my 89% to an A, but I didn't know how I did. I talked to my professor (and probably sounded like a crazy person (..."so I just need to know if I'm going to end this class with a B because I just need time to deal with that....") but I ended up with an A on the assignment and an A in the class, meaning I have one less final to worry about!
Oh, here's one of the pictures I took. The pictures were supposed to include people, but I took a risk and included one without any and my professor loved it. Phew! :)
On the fifth day of almost-the-end-of-the-semester, my LifeGroup gave to me... 
A very fun Christmas party!
There were snacks and gifts and a classic black and white Christmas movie and it was a fantastic way to celebrate the end of the semester and the Christmas season. I'm so thankful for all the girls in my LifeGroup!
In all fairness, I didn't take this. I'm over there on the right.
On the sixth day of almost-the-end-of-the-semester, my friends gave to me... 
Good times! (roll with me...)
I'm blessed with great friends here and even though the semester has gotten busier and more stressful (*cough group project cough*) I have had so many fun things to make it fun!

  • A trip to St. Joe for Cracker Barrel and the mall
  • Weekend movies with Erin and Ally
  • The most varied, interesting, and fun conversations with Nels
  • Being absolutely ridiculous in the hallways of Fine Arts and watching the faculty not even bat an eye at our antics
  • And much, much more!
That is all I've got for tonight. I've been blessed with a great semester and so many awesome friends. I'm sad to say good bye for Christmas Break, but I absolutely can't wait to see what next semester holds!


  1. I LOVE YOU. You're the cutest. And I'm very glad you only have six days until the end of the semester because that means (a little more than) six days until I get to see your face in person. :)

  2. Love the pix! (esp. your bokeh one)

    Also doing the same kind of countdown!

    Love the "making it rhyme... work with me" quote :)