Thursday, September 11, 2014

[Mostly] Selfies

This post will descend where no post has gone before: selfies. I don't have a smart phone, so I don't take a lot of selfies, but when I do, I take them with my computer and send them to my sister to communicate what I'm doing. Let us explore what the days have entailed:
I learned that even though I LOVE milk, I cannot finish a half-
gallon of milk before it goes bad. BUT I discovered the incredibly
cute alternative in this quart-sized carton!
I have a fantastic roommate who asked if I would like her to curl
my hair on a day we were dressing up. She did a really good job
and learned just how much hair I have on my head. (A lot.)
A history paper means a trip to the library. The third floor is very
sunny and also very quiet, which is fantastic!
This is the face I made on the one day that I left my umbrella in
my room and therefore got wet after class and spent an hour killing
time in a building between classes.
Asian Pears (one of my favorite fruits) were on sale for 99 cents
per pound! They are usually $1.99/lb, so I snatched a few up
during a roommate shopping to HyVee.
I got to check out this lovely camera for a photojournalism class.
It was truly wonderful, and if I had $1,000 lying around, I'd snatch
one of these babies up. They are certainly great!
For all you technical types, that a Rebel T41 with a 18-135mm lens.
It's September, so the nice, crisp weather is upon us! In my case,
this means the beginning of 6 months of never quite being warm
enough. Luckily, I can wear comfy sweaters, like this one, borrowed
from the lovely Olivia! Go UNI!
And finally, we conclude with pictures of what I spend most of my "free time" doing: Marching Band! No more selfies here! Lauren Bolt took most of these!

At Freshman Convocation

I'm behind Brett

That's me on the far left


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  1. Each pic is so adorable! One of my fave posts yet.