Sunday, September 21, 2014

Dialing + Daily Life

Life is rolling along, and I'm into the swing of this semester.  And so far it's a pretty pleasant "swing".  Here's a glimpse of my day-to-day normal.  Basically, this post is a lot of lists.  I like lists!

Eating healthy in the Caf:

Although I think the Caf food is tasty, their healthy food variety is... not particularly various.  But it's okay.  Here are the more beneficial options available, along with their degree of availability.

Always there
- Raw oatmeal to mix with peanut butter
- Raisin bran
- Salad bar and vinaigrette dressing
- Scrambled eggs in the morning
- Lunch meat turkey
- Orange juice
- Vanilla or chocolate soymilk
- 2% milk
- Bananas, oranges, or apples

Sometimes there (one a week or less to 3X a week)
- Turkey bacon
- Whole wheat spaghetti
- Mashed potatoes
- Roast turkey or chicken
- Sweet or baked potato
- Some tofu dish, like with curry
- Cooked peas or carrots
- Raw carrots and celery

At the Hub (the other campus dining place where I work)
- Veggie burger on two slices of lettuce instead of a bun
- Sun chips
- Apple, walnut, feta cheese salad with poppyseed dressing
- Grilled chicken sandwich minus the bun
- Chicken filet salad
- "Naked" burrito (without the tortilla) + white tortilla chips

As you can see, that is a pretty limited menu there.  For a spoiled American.  But it's totally fine.  There's always church potlucks and the occasional sugary treat to mix things up.

This week's "learnin's":

[How I feel after every microbiology lab]

Here's some cool stuff I've learned in a typical week at NWC:
- how penicillin works
- how to stain bacteria purple or red to figure out what kind it is (Gram staining)
- how to assess a patient's pain
- the philosophical problem of fighting a child soldier as an American soldier 
- how to say "that's the last straw!" in Spanish.  

All my classes are real interesting.  I love learning :)

Dialing digits for donations:

Remember last year how Kara did Phonathon (they might call it something else at NWMS, I forget)?  She called alumni and parents of students to ask for scholarship donations, earning points to get that "oh so wonderful" bag of chips (poor Kara).

Anyway, I'm doing that too!  Although it's a bit different for me since we also take the prayer requests of people we call.  And I actually enjoy calling strangers on the phone (what a weirdo, right? haha)!  I'll have a little cubicle and that telemarketer-ish headset for three hours a week, dialing number after number of people all across the nation.  It's exciting!

That was a long and boring post, perhaps.  Hope your week is going as well as mine!


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  1. Go Eliza! Call those people! Goodness knows you'd do much better than me! :) I'm happier hiding in the music library!
    That's quite the variety of knowledge you have been acquiring. The solider question is a good one.