Sunday, September 8, 2013

Weather: Under and Over It

So. My third week of classes is going to start up tomorrow, and I'm excited at the prospects that the end of this coming week will be in the 70's. Whoop! However. It's also supposed to be 99 degrees tomorrow, but I'm so ignoring that. BECAUSE HOPE FOR A BETTER TOMORROW IS COMING!!! In five days, but I'll take what I can get, thank you.

I'm not kidding, I am just like Eliza when it comes to this heat. My dorm room has an air conditioner, so it's not as bad, but the heat the past two weeks has been nothing short of ridiculous. This summer has been one of the coolest on record, (the recorder being me and my recent memory) and the time where it is supposed to cool off, the time of back to school/walking around campus to get to all my classes is the hottest part of the summer? Whatever. I'll just be a beast and live through it.

In other news, this weekend is also significant because it's my first time being sick away from home. It's nothing too huge. No regurgitation, fractured limbs, or deathly diseases. (That's puking, broken bones, and cancer-like stuff for those of you who don't know medical-speak like I do. Growing up with both parents in the medical field will give one a supreme medical vocabulary.) It's just a sore throat and a stuffy nose. Nothing that will kill me anytime soon.

But it is my first time being ill without my parents or dogs within spitting distance. I don't have anyone to dote on me, no puppy eyes attached to a being that will lick my hand, and no amazing couch located nicely across from a TV with Netflix.

Not to say I'm alone. I called my parents, and that was nice, and I have the BEST floor mates in the history of college. Sorry Kara and Eliza. But do YOU have friends who will stay up until the wee morning hours analyzing the different writing styles of your favorite TV show and how it effects the characters and past efforts of said show? Do they have Lord of the Rings marathons? Do they give you Emergen-C when you feel sick in order to boost your immune system? Do they demand hugs every day? No, but mine do. So HA!!!! (Thanks Patsy, Shawnetta, Jey, Leah, Ash, Erin, Hannah, Greta, Alyssa, Tempest, and NATE.)

So yeah. It sucks monkey butt that I'm sick. But I'm fine, in the mental state of being. Fine in that sentence is relative, but that's besides the point. I have yet had a homesickness attack, and I'm happy with that.


  1. I agree with you: the heat is no fun, even just walking to classes. I especially don't like that marching band happens outside in an unshaded area.
    Hope you feel better soon! ((Hugs from afar!))

  2. Feel better! Stay cool! Your friends sound fantastic