Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Little Game

Hey girls!  So, this doesn't have much to do with college, but I thought this would be a  little "tag, you're it" game.

It's a writing game.
Here's the subject.

I've never written down how I am like other members of my family.
It makes me feel connected to them.

I'm like my Dad.
     I love...
          saving money
          Mystery Science Theater 3000
     and I am passionate.

I'm like my Mommy.
            I try to listen to people because I need them to listen to me,
       but sometimes empathy hurts.
I want to be fiercely loyal like she is.
           I care about nutrition.
If we're talking about society's standards of beauty, I agree with this phrase: "We must suffer to be beautiful."

My mommy with her big brother and her own business

I'm like my brother.
  I'm addicted to witty remarks
  and crave YouTube
  and enjoy the Vander Harts and
  We both like documentaries and our fat kitty.

I'm like my grandma.
      I do nothing but sing,
          have a sweet tooth,
          enjoy cable TV and eating out,
          and can sometimes be a little flamboyant.
          I am usually bold talking to strangers.

My bubbly grandma with her offspring, grandoffspring, and beloved daughter-in-law

OK, your turn!

P.S.  I wuv my family :)

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