Sunday, September 22, 2013

Ah, Blissful Saturday

Saturdays are THE BEST.
Saturdays are when I take a forced break from homework and socialize all the livelong day and even eat sugar for a change.

It's fall (almost) on campus, and it was crunchy-leaved with mild temps.
At the caf, I made my once-a-week sugary splurge: "Heart Attack in a Mug".  I do recommend this for the taste, but only every once in a while as a treat.  Here's the recipe:  1/4 of a mug full of waffle batter nuked in the microwave for a minute.  Then pile it with soft serve ice cream and crushed candy bars and Oreos.  Then die and go to heaven for the next ten minutes.  Ah, the warm doughiness and cold ice creaminess.

Then, I went to my first NWC sporting event yet, a varsity football game.  I enjoyed it.  We won, there was a good turnout, the guys behind me making comments about their male cheerleader friend were quite entertaining.  I got sunburned!  (which was my personal "take that, summer's not quite over" victory)  P.S. The guys down front from West Hall were all wearing their bedsheets as togas.  It's a thing they do.

Our dorm had a carnival with all the floors competing for points against each other.  A tug of war, giant trike race, a jelly bean spitting contest.  I had to leave early for a productive dance practice.  Then I snarfed a chicken burrito at the Hub (the funner dining place) and dashed over to the theater for a one man play about a guy's conversion from skeptical teenager to God believer.

If you stuck around for this part of my narrative, I have a treat for you.  SWING DANCING every Saturday night in our dorm lobby!  How cool is that?  I also got to waltz with a boy.  The music is Disney to "Take the A-Train" type stuff.  I wore my retro jumper from the Omaha thrift store and painted my nails all Rue 21.  It was grand.

Then, I watched a cool flick called "10,000 BC" with Katie down the hall.  I crawled under the covers (roommate-less, she's gone for the weekend, sniff) at about midnight or so, wishing tomorrow could be Saturday all over again.

The guys standing next to the toga-wearers looked just like this.

You know you want to try this.

                                                    Prehistoric near death experiences, anyone?

The trikes kinda look like this.  A second person can stand on the back.

See, us teenagers would be cool if we'd lived back then.

The end.

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  1. Drool! Drool! More drool! This all sounds like so much fun! I feel like I'm missing out! Swing dancing! Disney! Floor contests! Sounds like a blast!