Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Little Game: Part II

I am like my dad:
I love history.
I work hard. (Sometimes too hard.)
I am dedicated.
I love to learn.
I tell corny jokes sometimes.
I love my family (and family history).
I don't do well with pain.
I am loving.

First and last day of public school

I am like my mom:
I can cook and bake. . . really well.
I like to research.
I am sympathetic.
I am resourceful.
I am dedicated.
I am sensitive.
I like learning.
I am like my sister:
I can be spontaneous.
I love a good laugh.
I love Bones and Psych.
I like long talks.
I love crafty, Pinterest-y ideas.
I love window shopping.
I am fiercely loyal. 
I am like my brother.
I like old TV shows.
I like doing things with my hands.
I like books.
I like riding my bike.
I like spending time with good friends.
I take things too seriously some times.
I am caring.


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  1. Agh! These photos are so cute! This just warms my heart. So glad y'all did this :)