Saturday, August 31, 2013

What Life is Like Here

In answer to the title, life here is like Network (the homeschool co-op school I did for three years) and church camp all rolled into one.  It's delicious and crazy busy and so much fun and I feel very comfortable here.  It's a Christmas miracle :)  Just kidding, it's been about 100 degrees every day for weeks and I'm sweating in my dorm room (the new norm), but let's pretend it's Christmas.

Obama would be doing this if he was in my dorm room.

Last night, I watched "Beetlejuice" (a Tim Burton movie) with some wonderfully nice and also witty people, and then we went for a midnight walk around the amazingly manicured town of Orange City.  This town is like a Disney World resort, it's just that scenic.  Their town square's park looks like a mini golf course, I haven't seen a single run-down house, and any and every business has a Dutch architecture-themed storefront.  It's just idyllic.

"Beetlejuice"= Like everything else Tim Burton, it's weird and funny

And really, my life mostly involves doing homework.  Which is just like senior year all over again, only THIS time I get unlimited free tutoring and unlimited socialization and I make a little more money than I used to by working at the Hub.  And I haven't felt homesick yet!  (knocks furiously on wood).  Yep, Christmas miracle.

Sounds like things are finally looking up for Kara... I can't wait to hear about her classes.
Billie seems to be taking to things like a fish to water... I like that girl :)

Happy Saturday night!  Imma play some Nancy Drew computer game and study for an Anatomy pop quiz (200 plus flashcards, here I come...)


  1. Oh, hey guys, maybe we should start writing "By (The Author)" or something at the start of each blog post. Otherwise, a reader would have to scroll a ways to understand the POV. What do you think?

  2. Did some reformatting. Now the author's name will appear automatically under the title of the post. All the previous posts are changed too! Good idea Eliza!
    Also, I'm so glad you are feeling like you fit in there! It sounds like you're having a pretty good time! I miss your face, though! <3 you!

  3. Look at you guys being all blog-savvy and getting adjusted to college while you're at it. You all rock!! Glad you are all doing so well! I enjoy keeping up with you here. :-)