Monday, August 19, 2013

Eliza Finishes Orientation

It's over.  All the events and activities and get-to-know-you times.  The goodbyes and the unpacking.  The wandering around campus learning to find stuff.

(Beside the chapel.  Photo from

Northwestern has totally blown my mind.  I am literally overwhelmed by the love everybody here has shown me.  And I do mean everybody.  So far, this place is just unbelievably Utopian.  'Course, classes haven't started yet, and the nursing program is notoriously difficult.  But there are tutors and there is time management (a.k.a don't procrastinate or spend all your time socializing).  God's gonna help me.  It'll be okay.

Praying for Kara as she's reached NWMSU.  Hopefully, Billie has a terrific last few days with her family and is feeling all prepared and not real nervous.

I'm just feeling excited and a little apprehensive and very at home.
If you think of it, please pray for my Mommy who misses me.
My brother is a very cool guy who will be running the house this year.  I hope he has a good time :)

It's 11:30 p.m.  Time to grab some Triscuits and get some sleep before an early morning class.  Hasta la pasta!

(Just some people on the internet in their cool pink dorm room being all friendly.  Oh look, Audbrey Hepburn poster!  


  1. Eliza! I'm sooooo thrilled (and relieved. I'll admit it.) to hear that you're settling in so well. I knew you would find your place! Best of luck tomorrow morning. Goodness knows the first class will be the most overwhelming..... BUT YOU CAN DO EET!

    1. Thanks, girl! First class was actually good! It's a Bible class and the prof is hilariously funny.

  2. So glad to hear that you feel so at home there! I'll admit, I haven't reached that point yet, mostly because I've only seen about 20 people! Good luck with your first class! Can't wait to hear how it goes!

    1. Pobre, Kara. But yay for Nav people! And your roommate will make your life more sociable, surely.

      The first day of classes only had one class! Very pleasant.