Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Getting Settled at NWMSU

Well, here I am. I moved in on Sunday afternoon and it's been a weird, "thrown in head first" experience. You see, orientation activities for Freshmen begin tomorrow. Until then, you're kinda on your own. That's a bit tricky when you're like me and have almost no clue about what's going on! Also, there are only 2 other people on my floor, one of whom I've never seen, and the other who is veerryy extroverted. And I mean very. That's fine, I'm not at all an extrovert, but she definitely is! As in popping in approximately 6 times while I was moving in to talk about all her stuff in her room, how she brought too much stuff, and practically demanding that I come see her room. When I was coming back to my room on a break yesterday, she was lamenting about the lack of instructions for her loft. Then she immediately brightened up and said, "Hey! Wanna help me put it together?!?!" I'm sorry, chica. Not to be mean, but I've been doing 9 hours of drumline for the past few days, and now that I am on my lunch break, all I really want to do is sit down and eat.
Needless to say, I can't wait till my roommate gets here. We seem really similar!  I think we'll hit it off great!
Now about the past few days:
Sunday thru today have looked exactly the same: 8:30-11:30 drumline practice
                                                                          11:30-1 lunch break
                                                                          1-4:30 drumline practice
                                                                          4:30-6 dinner break
                                                                          6-8:30 drumline practice
Needless to say, it's been pretty draining. Unfortunately, it's only supposed to get hotter as the week progresses.
Well, I'm pretty much completely moved into my room. It's a bit more cozy now with some familiar things. Here are some pictures!
The view from the door looking left and my desk area. Once Miranda moves all of her things in, it should be pretty cozy!
More posts to come, of course, but right now I want a smoothie, and I have absolutely no access to one! Luckily, that will change tomorrow when the Student Union begins staying open for regular hours!


  1. Your room looks great - I spy a green Scentsy warmer... :-) I am so glad your roommate will be there soon and you start orientation tomorrow. Hopefully things will get more normal. I totally get your response to the extreme extrovert. Unfortunately, until recently my response would have been to help because I would want to people please and I wouldn't worry about my own needs. It's fine to help - but you have to think about your own needs too. Continuing to pray for you! Love you!!! <3

  2. Oh yeah. What a very hot week to have band camp. You have my pity and my admiration.

    I really hope the friendly extrovert never finds this blog or she would get pretty bummed. It is public...

  3. Be nice to that extrovert. You didn't have anyone else, and neither did she.

  4. Ok guys. She is very nice. At the time, it was kind of a culture shock because I had not been around basically anyone and then suddenly there was someone completely different than me. It threw my little introverted self in to shut down mode. Now that I've slowly gotten used to being around so many people, everything is much better, and I repeat: She is a VERY nice person!!