Thursday, February 20, 2014


Heyyyyy. This is the 50th post. I feel awesome. (And congrats to Eliza and Kara. They helped.) Anyway. Being me, I took more than six quizzes. They all had something to do with which character I am from various things. (I took all quizzes from
Let's get started, shall we?

This quiz was "Which Harry Potter Character are you?". To be honest, I was expecting Luna. Or Hermione. Maybe Neville, if I wished hard enough. I've taken similar quizzes before, and I've gotten Luna. But hey, I love Harry. Poor kid. Still love him. So I don't have a real problem. Even though I'm not much of a leader, I agree with what is said. (Even though I took the OFFICIAL test made my J.K. Rowling, and my Hogwarts House is Ravenclaw. Not Gryffindor.)

This one was "Which Disney Sidekick are you?". I had no idea who to expect, but I'm happy with these two. LOVE these guys. And I throw a mean dinner party? Cool. I like food.

"Which Avenger are you?". I was not expecting Iron Man. At all. Never mind that he's my favorite, but still. I don't think I'm much of a show runner. I'll take behind-the-scenes. Or a small part. But hey, I agreed to post. But seriously. I wanted Clint Barton. Hawkeye is a boss. Love him with my whole heart. But Tony is my favorite. So, while I don't agree with the quiz, I'll live with it.

"What Game of Thrones Character are you?". This one I agree with. I only just started Game of Thrones, but I really like it. And I love Tyrion. He's not my favorite, but he's definitely in my top five. Plus, I agree with what's said. I'm a sucker for an underdog. And if you insult me and I laugh, maybe I'll be the one who laughs last.

"What Disney Princess are you?" I disagree with this one. Not the things that are said, because they're all true. But I am not Snow White. I respect her, and her movie, so much. But I am not Snow White. I'm way more of an Anna. (Even though her Disney Princess coronation hasn't happened yet, but that is coming sometime soon.) Or Belle. I'm so like Belle. So, sorry Snow White, I'm a Belle. And I have proof!

I told you I had proof. "What Once Upon a Time Character are you?". Belle. She's one of my favorites. Although I will admit that I started to stick up for myself last year. It had been a long time in coming. So yeah. Happy with this one. Never mind the fact that I counted my books I have here at college. And thirty-one, count 'em thirty-one, of them are books I haven't read yet. I've only read about nine. BOOKS!!!

"What Arrow Character are you?". Precious Roy. I love him so much. I love the entire show Arrow so much. It's my favorite. Anyway, I wasn't expecting Roy. I was thinking of the character who practically lives behind a computer screen and is super wonderful and helpful to everyone. But I am a Roy and not a Felicity, apparently. And Roy is pretty much my child, so I'm not that peeved.

"What Hunger Games Character are you?" Katniss? No. I'm sorry, Katniss, but I am not you. I am Peeta. The likable boy who makes bread. And is an angel and is perfect. I'm not the character who isolates herself and is only CLOSE with a minimal amount of people and knows a lot of survival things and can be ruthless if you cross her and . . . Okay. Sure. I guess I just wish I was Peeta.

"Which Toy Story Character are you?". Woody? I would have guessed Jessie. Or Bullseye. Or Slinky. Merp. But I like Woody. And the description does sound like me, doesn't it? Eh. No severe complaints.

That is all for today, folks. Hope you had fun. I know I did!


  1. I loved the character theme! Kudos!
    I'd have to agree, Snow White doesn't quite equal you. You're much more Belle-ish! :)

  2. Yes, you are Peeta. The likable girl who makes bread (er, cupcakes and other fine baked goods) :)
    I still need to take the official Harry Potter quiz. I went to great lengths to track it down and create an account on the site for that very purpose.
    I'd have to disagree with Kara. Sure you are a major bookworm and loyal to family and imaginative (like Belle), but I think your personality matches Repunzel. Ya got spunk :)

    1. Oh! I never even thought about Rapunzel and spunkiness! Also, if ya think about it, Billie does get along with animals well and talks to them too, sometimes.
      Maybe Billie's just the ultimate Disney Princess. . . Hmmmm. . . :)