Tuesday, February 18, 2014

According to this quiz. . .

Have you seen all of those quizzes you can take? You know the ones with the grammatically incorrect titles? "Which City Should You Live In?"  -----> "In What City Should You Live?"
Well, I enjoy taking them and as I was lying in bed last night, pondering what would happen if I grouped all of these answers together.
So that is what I did! I chose 6 different online quizzes, took them, and here I will reflect upon my results. This is purely for fun. However, the ball is in your court now, Eliza and Billie. Challenge accepted?

Quiz 1: If You Were Elected President, What Would Happen to America?
     Answer: You Would be on Mount Rushmore. "Well look at you! Striding along the best presidents in history. I’m glad you nailed it! America is stronger and better off because of your logical, patriotic leadership. Now go sign a book deal for $10 million and travel the world to adoring crowds, you earned it."
     Reflection: Well, I got elected president of our incoming class of Kappa Kappa Psi members, so that was cool. I don't know that it's Mount Rushmore worthy, though, but thanks for the vote of confidence, random quiz! I don't like crowds though. Can I just stay home and eat Nutella while watching Netflix with someone? I'd be all for that.

Snowths (better known as "those things that
sing Mahna Mahna") via
Quiz 2: Which Muppet Are You?
     Answer: A Snowth. "You have a great talent, but you sometimes feel outshone by those with bigger personalities. You’re punctual, reliable, and never without a friend."
     Reflection: I am punctual, and I try to be reliable, too, but seriously, a Snowth?! I was hoping for Beaker or Dr. Bunsen Honeydew! I am markedly disappointed.

Quiz 3: What Decade Do You Actually Belong In?
     Answer: You belong in the 50s! "You yearn for a simpler time when people were polite, curt, and followed the rules. Maybe people say you’re a conformist, but you know you just like things to stay a certain way. Home is where the heart is."
     Reflection: Yes. Yes Yes Yes. Yes to everything. You are right, randomly generated quiz!

Quiz 4: Who's Your Disney Best Friend?
     Answer: Dug from UP "You’re a bit of an old soul and value alone time. Sometimes you can’t believe kids these days, and you find things irritating just for existing (which is completely fine in your humble opinion). Dug may seem annoying at first, but he’s loyal and lovable and will put you in better spirits whenever you need it."
     Reflection: I think I could get along with Dug. He's friendly. He's also probably one of my favorite characters in UP. Also, I do sometimes wonder about kids these days, and I am sometimes irritated at things for existing. 

Quiz 5: What Kind of Girl Scout Cookie Are You?
     Answer: Chocolate Chip Shortbread. "Focused on living the best life you can, you are careful about what you put your body through. This includes watching what you eat, but you’re not afraid of a little indulgence. You’re smart enough to know it’s all about balance."
     Reflection: I'm sorry, random quiz, but ya kinda missed on this one. "A little indulgence" is not always me. Me is sometimes 3 oatmeal raisin cookies in one day because they are delicious and rare. And besides, are Chocolate Chip Shortbread even a Girl Scout Cookie? Where are they getting this information? I need sources! Who are your Girl Scouts?!

Quiz 6: What Font Are You?
     Answer: Futura. "You’re sleek as [heck] and a total individual. You know everything about everything, and if you don’t, you can just fake it. You know that million-dollar idea you had last week when you were drunk? Go for it, champ."
     Reflection: First of all, I did not have any million-dollar ideas last week while drunk because I. Don't. Drink. Just putting that out there. Let's be clear. I have had million-dollar sober ideas, though. Those were nice. Sometimes I was drinking milk. That's about as edgy as I get. However, I do know a lot about many things, and most of them are very random facts and trivia gleaned from here and there. All in all, I do like Futura. It's like Helvetica, but not so mainstream. (Typography humor. I'm such a nerd.)

Well there 'ya have it. Not bad for random quizzes with absolutely no scientific backing. Other quizzes I've taken have said that I am The Beatles, I should live in Wisconsin, and that I should do DIY projects (already on it). They all just amuse me.
The ball is in your courts, Eliza and Billie, if you choose to partake. Take quizzes, compile answers, reflect on answers. Do what you please!Over and out!

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  1. Oh, I've already gotten Mount Rushmore, being the obsessive Buzz Feed checker that I am. This'll be fun, cool idea!