Tuesday, March 11, 2014

10 Excellent Things About the Past Month!

As I sit here, recovering from being sick (no worries, it was thankfully very short-lived) and trying not to focus on the fact that I didn't get a supervisor position at work, I have resolved that reflecting on the great things that have happened in the past month would be a stellar thing to do. I definitely try to focus on the positive as much as possible, because if I don't, I easily become the all-too-realist and think of everything going wrong.
So! Here are some great things about the past month!
1. Yesterday and today's weather has been downright gorgeous! If I wasn't still feeling blah, I'd probably find some excuse to be outside. The breeze is wonderful and the temperatures are perfect. (For now. It's the midwest. If you don't like the weather, wait five minutes.)
2. On Sunday I got to  Nathaniel's graduate recital for French Horn and voice! It was stellar for sure! I loved it and he did an outstanding job!
(This is Nathaniel, by the way. He's one outstanding guy!)
3. I got a chance to hang out with some outstanding Kappa family! Erin, Parker, Kyle, Ally, and I all got together, watched an excellent and hilarious movie called Porco Rosso, "played" Minecraft, and had an all around great time! There was much laughter!
4. I've had some especially fun times while interviewing everyone in Kappa Kappa Psi! Two highlights include making Pinterest-y melted crayon art with Ashley and helping Brittnay with the choreography for "The Mexican Hat Dance" for her Elementary Methods class.
The aforementioned art project. Much fun was had!
5. The people at the Financial Aid office "found" my scholarship that had been "lost." In reality, they hadn't read the letter that went with the check saying that the money went to two different people, so another girl from my high school got all $1,200! I am just glad they finally resolved this after 9 months! I do feel a little bad for her, though. She's down $600 she thought she had!
6. I've gotten to have some really good conversations with some friends whose thoughts I really value. They have meant a lot to me!
7. Thursday nights at the Baptist Student Union and Applebee's! I believe I have finally found my niche at the BSU! I enjoy everything about it! Thursday nights are for RealLife, their worship service, and after the service, most people head to Applebee's for half-price appetizers and 45-cent wings! It's been so great to continue meeting people I know from church and having a great time worshiping together and relaxing together, too! It was also nice that I had an Applebee's gift card from Christmas that came in ever so handy!
8. The Navigators women's retreat! A fun time was had by all! There was so much good food, great worship time, and great lessons! I got to spend some especially fun time with Sarah, whilst pranking another cabin, and Sarah, Kenealy, and I baked some darn good Devil's Food Cake cookies! (See below!)
Both picture from Sarah herself!
(Cookie making can get messy!)
 We even had some unexpected "fun." To avoid potential bad weather, we came back a half-day early and had the rest of the worship time and speaker at the Edge girls' house. (Basically, they all live there and they're on staff for the Navs.) It looked a little something like this:
This is called "40 girls in a living room"
Courtesy of Rachel Denne
9.My dad got an unexpected appointment for a doctor he thought he'd have to wait until August to see! Yay!
10. Miranda's mom made a short, surprise visit on Saturday, which resulted in a very interesting shopping trip to HyVee with her, Miranda, Shellie (our friend), Matt (Miranda's boyfriend), and me. Much fun was had, we each got our own box of pop tarts (Thanks, Jo Veta! :) ) and I wound up saying "use your inside voices" and "take a no-thank-you bite" during our time in the store. I'm definitely "that" friend. But they love me anyway! :)


  1. I like all this positivity!
    Three things:
    1) Let's just agree that Applebee's is your happy place :)
    2) You played Minecraft?? What?
    3) That is a fantastic photo of you! (The one with Nathaniel) Rockin' those curls.

  2. Three responses for your three things!
    1) Applebee's is truly delightful!
    2) Parker set up a minesweeper sort of game within Minecraft where we had to take turn selecting a tile to destroy. All except 1 led to lava. The 1 led to a secret room! We seriously spent an hour and a half passing the controller around and trying to find the magic tile!
    3) Thank you! I am particularly fond of that picture myself!