Monday, March 24, 2014

Spring Break & 36 Days of School!

Here I sit, on spring break. And it's snowing. Interesting how spring decided to actually take a break while I'm on spring break. . . But alas, it shall be grand nonetheless!
It's only Monday night and I've already. . .
-been bowling (I didn't win. I did eat 3 slices of pizza, though. For me, that's a record.)
-visited my second family (there were many fun and wonderful times had by all. I also learned a new card trick. . . and was also perplexed by tricks that all of the kids were getting. . .)
-eaten fish sticks! (I love them, but they're never served at Northwest. If they were, I think I'd be suspicious of their quality anyway. Also, my mom made these for me, so that's a bonus!)
-gotten a hair cut! (nothing drastic. Just a trim to tidy this unruly bunch of hairs up!)
-gone to the chiropractor (It sounded like this: crackcrackcrack crunchcrunch poppoppop. (refer to a box of Rice Krispies for a more accurate sound representation.) It felt great!)

Many great spring break activities are yet to come!
-I'm driving with Kelli and Dad to Omaha for a college visit for Kelli. She's checking out Nebraska Methodist College of Nursing. (Hopefully we'll also be checking out Ted & Wally's, the local homemade ice cream place!)
Mi amiga Eliza and I enjoyed Ted & Wally's this summer!

-I get to hang out with Erin (my "big brother" from Kappa Kappa Psi). It's sure to be an excellent time!
-Potential coffee dates!
-Piano playing!
-Just hanging out with mom and dad all day. (Ex: We all went grocery shopping today. We scored granola and I convinced my dad to buy 2 gluten free cereals instead of just one. (The gluten free-ness is for him, but we just kinda cut gluten-y cereals for the moment. Good thing Kix and every kind of Chex is gluten free!)
-Hopefully acquiring a formal dress for the upcoming music fraternity/sorority formal coming up!

After spring break, many exciting things are happening, but one thing that is keeping me focused it the fact that I will officially be done with school at 9:30 a.m. on April 30th! This fact is seriously one thing that is helping me keep my nose to the grindstone, per se. "I can make it. I just have to get to the end of April!"
And, if everything works out, I'll get to see my family 3 times in April. I'm a lucky girl!


  1. You get out of school a week before me! (Drools)
    Did you go to Ted and Wally's?
    Dress acquired! :)
    Mmm I haven't had fish sticks in forever...
    Where'd you get your hair cut?
    I love love that photo :)

  2. I simply cannot wait until we are all out of school!
    Ted & Wally's definitely happened! Kell and I shared 2 scoops: one of Coffee Cake Cheesecake and one of Vanilla. The vanilla was perfect for toning down the very cinnamon-y strongness of the Coffeecake Cheesecake scoop!
    Dress=so much excitement!
    We need to get together and have fish sticks!
    I got my hair cut at Great Clips.
    I love that photo too!!