Friday, July 5, 2013

More Class, Less Cost!

Well, I'll start this off by saying that at SOAR, I was reaaaalllyy out of it, for reasons that are difficult to explain. Basically, I felt really cruddy the whole time, so my attention-paying was not so sharp. That's how I missed this cool fact: (Even though I posses an entire piece of paper about it.)
One of the honors classes I'm taking this semester is called Advanced Composition. (Basically, if your English ACT score is high enough, you have the option to take this class.) Without much thought at the time, (mostly cuz I didn't feel so hot) I said, "Sure! Why not! I like English well enough, and I feel confident about it." The one other thing that made this an easy choice was the fact that I felt like my English teacher this year, Mrs. Lem (who is awesome and funny and fantastic) had prepared me well for any sort of college English experience.
After that and a few other decisions, my schedule was complete, I grabbed my free T-shirt, and I high-tailed it out of there, to the comforts of home. Little did I realize that I had just gotten a good great deal!
Basically it comes down to this (which I am copying off of the sheet that I got but did not read until now. . .):
Not that kind of Acclerated Composition! =)
Accelerated Composition 115- a one trimester course half the cost for the English requirement
        Credit awarded: Students who enter English 115 normally get three hours of credit, in addition to the credits for 115, toward graduation added to their transcripts once they satisfactorily complete the course.
This credit replaces the three additional hours students would have earned in the regular two-trimester sequence
It goes on from there to talk about the "stimulating discussion" and "greater challenge" and so forth, but I was just excited to hear about the interesting deal!

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