Tuesday, July 9, 2013

UI Orientation

So I just got back from my orientation at the University of Iowa. The program lasted for two days, starting in the early evening yesterday, and ending in the late afternoon today. It was pretty rad.

The dude who showed my group (largely psych and English majors, with about 20ish people total) around was super friendly and funny, and he started us off by playing an icebreaker game. During the game, I not only sweated a lot due to the 90+ degree weather and the 150% humidity, I also figured out that one of the people in my group was someone who I had emailed earlier with the prospects of being roommates. Which was kind of weird, but hey-what's life without some surprises?

So after a tour of campus, I headed back to the dorm where I was staying, and I bought myself this INCREDIBLE milkshake. Granted, it was roughly 16 oz, and three bucks at that, but it was a milkshake that would "bring the boys to the yard". I need to watch myself. If I'm not careful, those milkshakes could be the reason I become the poor college student, and gain the dreaded freshman fifteen.

So once I got the milkshake I went into the Underground. Where I met with about 30 other people and we did...crafty things. And then we played...revealing games.


(Translation: I went into the basement of the residence hall and did some arts-and-crafts. Then I played Apples to Apples.)

The next day was all about academics. I listened to a vague, hour long presentation that I don't really remember much of. I know they talked about academic advisers. Can't fathom what took the other 45 minutes of my life up, but there you have it. (I probably just explained college in a nutshell.)

My group then got around to meeting the actual adviser of our academic dreams. His name is Brian, and he was amazing. He introduced himself, and walked everyone through how to peruse all the classes that us awesome public schoolers are able to choose from. He then went around individually to help everyone, and guess who got his undivided attention first? That's right. Yours truly.

In all honesty, I was nervous. This dude, who I didn't yet know was awesome, was being paid to help me. But Brian was very calming and respectful, and he treated me as an individual. Not a number. Which was huge for me.

And then I picked out my classes and enrolled after lunch. The sandwich, while not my mother's, was not unbearable. Speaking of parents...

Orientation at UI offers a place for parents, since it's mandatory for students, so I brought mine along. They got to stay inside. And learn stuff. I'm not quite sure what the extent of what they learned was, but they had a good time. They both told me that they were impressed with my school, which made me proud.

I can't wait to screw up and pwn the campus in the fall.


  1. Loved your rundown of your day(s)! If orientation was this fun to read about, I can't wait to see about actual college!
    Bahahaha about the milkshakes. Lol!

  2. YEAH!! Pretty soon you'll be an Iowa Hawkeye! GO HAWKS!!! :-) Neat to hear about your orientation... glad it was fun! :-)