Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Packin' it In

Well, recently a corner of my room started to look like this:
It may not seem like much, but in my little room (that I share) it was getting overwhelming.
The pile of stuff is off to the left. This is my whole room. Note the lack of extra space...
I needed to pack the stuff up! A friend from church (Thanks Sherri!) Got me some apple boxes and I went to work. I got three packed up tonight, and I think it'll only take 3 more to finish off everything! Here's how I did it:
First the kitchen stuff. Now I hear 'ya out there. "Why kitchen stuff? You don't have time to use that stuff in college, and if you DO want to make something, you can just check the supplies you need out at the desk!"
All of that is true, but I bake/cook stuff enough to make some kitchen supplies worthwhile. And besides, I did NOT buy nice cooking stuff overall. The most expensive thing I bought was the Pyrex bowl and the cheapest thing I bought was a Hercules plate for 59 cents at Goodwill. (Thanks Sherri!) In fact, I got a lot of my kitchen stuff at Goodwill. Here's what all went into this box: ("G" denotes that I got it from Goodwill.)
-2 tall glass glasses (G)
-2 ceramic white plates and 1 melamine Hercules plate (G)
-set of mini Ziplok containers (G)
-Box of Ziplok containers (Given to me)
-2 plastic cups
-2 melamine bowls (Scooby Doo and Humpty Dumpty) (G)
-2 Glass bowls
-Spatula/Can opener/Measuring cups and spoons
-4 sets of silverware (G)
-Plastic Sesame Street cup, bowl, and snack box (Gift)
-8" skillet
-9x13 pan
-2 hand towels and pot holder (handmade gifts)
                       Aaaaaaand when you finagle and finagle, you can get it to fit into a box!
Complete with labels and an itemized list (cuz that's how I roll!)

Next up we have what I call utility stuff. It's the things like this:
-trash can
-Clorox wipes
-Shoe organizer
-sewing kit/Goo Gone/safety pins/Super Glue/pocket knife (gifts)
-Command hooks (gift)
    And this all fit (quite a bit easier) into a box, sans Tide and trashcan, cuz those are big and easy to carry
Again, complete with labels and an itemized list.

The final box I packed up tonight was full of school and craft supplies. Making a list of all of these things would be ridiculous, but basically it's the notes and binders from senior year that will be useful, along with other random school supplies, a few crafty things, some books, and the 3 sole DVD's that I own. Yes, I only own 3 DVD's. They're expensive, people! I still have school supplies to buy and add to this box, so it still has some space left.
And, once again we add a lid, some labels, and an itemized list!

So, there's three boxes of stuff! I feel much more organized now, and I feel better about the amount of "stuff" I'm bringing. All I have left to pack are bathroom stuff and bedding, which will all have to wait till right before I go. All I have left to buy are another set of sheets, school supplies, and a backpack!


  1. Wow - TWO mentions in your blog. I spy a box I didn't give you though! ;-) Just let me know if you need any more. I'm so glad you got stuff more organized. I'm a total planner too so I totally get your need to get this done! Yay for getting organized! Boo for how much I am going to MISS YOU NEXT YEAR!!! :-(

    1. What box didn't you give me? I used one of the sets of three!