Sunday, July 14, 2013

"Are you excited for college?"

I have been asked that question by numerous, well-meaning people, and there's actually nothing inherently wrong with such a question. I just don't have a straight answer for the people that ask me this question, and I'm sure most of them understand that. I have so many thoughts running through my head about college, some big, some small. I'm one to plan, and by plan I mean plan. I have pored over the NWMSU website, learning and researching.
I have. . .
-Learned about every church in Maryville, and narrowed my list to about 3 or 4 good possibilities
           -Looked on Google Maps to see how far each church is from campus
-Looked up my professors
-Looked up as much information as I can about Marching Band Camp (they need to update it for this year!)
-Researched about the best things to have for college, and the most overrated things, too
-Gone through all of my class materials from last year, narrowing things down so they can be useful to me this year.
-Researched/read about healthy habits and learning strategies

Along with all of this research, I've also had lots of questions and thoughts run through my head.
-I hope my roommate and I will get along well.
-I hope marching band is fun and not just torture.
-It will be fun to perform with the marching band!
-They need to post room assignments soon right now!
-If I'm a sobbing mess and I want to call my mom, where will I go to be by myself?
-Homesickness is awful!
-I don't want to get athlete's foot from the showers! (Seriously guys, so many random thoughts!)
-I hope I find a church that is a good fit!
-I can't just go see my family.
-I can combat the Freshman 15. Marching band is a workout!
-I hope I can start new, helpful study habits.
-I don't want to grow apart from the close friends I have here!

And the list goes on. . .and on. . . I have been praying about so many things, and it all comes down to trusting that God's already got it planned out. It's hard going into something partially blind, but it will work out okay.
I guess the who point of this rambling mess is to say, I don't quite know how to feel about college. Sure, there's the independence, but there's also the feeling of wanting your parents sleeping in the room down the hall in case you need anything. There's the new classes and the new friends, but there's also the close friends from High School and the teachers I have come to love. There's a new roommate, and then there's Kelli, my roommate of forever.
There's God, and he's the same wherever I go.

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  1. Kara - oh I love your heart and I love how you come to the conclusion that God is the same wherever you go. I am praying for this transition for you. Your experience is so different from mine - I could not wait to get away from home and finally have the freedom to go to church and was looking forward to finding some Christian fellowship I hadn't really had. But, you are coming from a completely different background. I TOTALLY get being a planner - I am the same way. Let me encourage you to also check out the Baptist Student Union (BSU) - I was active in that when I was in college. Also, regarding distance to churches, I know you said Laura Street was on your list and I know it's not the closest to campus, but if there are other students that go there (when I was there, there were a TON of students who went there) I am sure you could get a ride. Also, the people there are amazing and I'm sure you could get a ride with someone who lives close to campus. NOT that I am pushing you to go to Laura Street (although I do hope you visit and tell Pastor Paul "hello" for me) - I just don't want distance to be the factor.... OK -- I'm done rambling! I'm praying for this transition for you and love you oodles!! <3