Sunday, June 16, 2013

Goodbye, Youth Group

Tonight is my last Overflow of all time.

I will sit on a stool and listen to people talk about me and then listen to Gabe talk about me and then most likely I will cry and then I will dribble snot on myself (sorry, it's the truth, folks) and then I will cry during the car ride home.

Saying goodbye to stuff is not my favorite thing in the world, but man has it been an awesome six years with youth group!  

We have the best youth pastor on the planet, I'm positive.  The people are so nice.  Summer and Mrs. D gave me a devotional for college.  

We play cool games like "Break Apart" and "Elves, Giants and Dragons".  We have gone on retreats that have been total highlights of my life.  We've done Bible studies that have helped make me who I am today.

I owe SO MUCH to youth group.  Actually, to God, who did all the cool stuff through youth group.

I still just can't believe I'm leaving it.  

P.S.  I'm not sure if this really belongs on this blog, but it's something I have to do before Northwestern.  Plus, I can't blog for eight weeks, so time to get it out of my system!!

P.P.S.  Your turn, Billie :)


  1. *This post is completely acceptable!*
    You should know, I'm mostly only coming to Youth Group tonight because it's your last night. Sniffle. Sniffle. Waaaaaaah!!

  2. You guys are so cute when you pretend to sob messily while typing. :)
    But I'm glad you've had fun with those peeps these past few years.

  3. I'm so glad you put this up, Eliza. <3 Going to miss you so much next year.

    1. Thanks, LoLo :) You just warm my heart up like few people can!

    2. Thanks, LoLo :) You just warm my heart up like few people can!

  4. And you too, Kara!! Haha. Didn't mean to leave you out. :) Both of you have been such encouraging role models to me the past several years. Thank you for that. Love you two!