Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Pre-College Conversation

Billie: SO. What da heck are we doing?

Eliza: Today I decided to take about 5 different T-shirts to Boot Camp. It's not actually boot camp, though. We just wear boots and sweat a lot. It's training for the mission trip that I'm taking to Ireland.

Billie: Oh yeah, you are going to the UK. I am a jealous soul.

Kara: Me too! Irish people seem quite nice, and have cute accents.

Eliza: Every time I tell people I am going to Ireland, they're like, "That doesn't sound like a mission trip. It sounds like a vacation." And I'm like, "We have to wear boots the whole time and we don't go sight-seeing! Well, not much. We hardly do any sightseeing.

Billie: Bull crap. You will do sightseeing!

Kara: Either way, you won't be here over the summer! Boo!

B: Well, I know I'd like a vacation to Ireland since I'm working full time.


B: You're going to Ireland!

E: But hardly anybody in Europe believes in Jesus! Check the stats, man!

K: Yeah! Well, I'm also working over the summer and earning money for college!

B: Because goodness knows that the word "poor" is practically a required prefix for the phrase "college student."

E: I bought awesome gum for the plane trip. (Can only think about the trip. . .)

K: I like gum!

E: Can we talk about the fact that Billie just gave me a wine bottle shaped breath mint?

B: Yes, yes we can. They are awesome mints. You can pick your teeth and make your breath fresh.

E: Eww!

B: It's true.

K: Moving on. . .

B: Speaking of moving, I was just in Wyoming!

K: What'd ya do there?

B: Not much. I had no cell phone reception or Wi-Fi. I was literally removed from civilization as we know it. It was awesome.

E: Did you eat any good food?

B: The first day, I had bacon for breakfast and tuna noodles for dinner.

K: Yum!

B: So Kara, what are you going to do with all yo' money? Buy expensive textbooks?

K: No, cuz my textbooks are included in my tuition! I don't have to worry about them, or about my laptop (which is complementary), and my laundry (which is free!).

E: What's your roommate situation again?

K: I won't know who my roomie is until mid-July. I wish it was sooner, like all the other schools around!

E: I want a Korean roommate who teaches me Korean.

B: I figured out my roommate in late April, maybe early May. All I know is that I already know who she is. (Hi, Jey!)

E: We're going to try to (individually) post no less than once every three weeks.

B: So we don't become lazy bums in college.

K: Stay tuned to hear all about our adventures in college life!

All: In. . . The College Chronicles (Cue game show music. . .)

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