Friday, December 6, 2013

Christmastime is Here...

I don't know about Eliza or Billie, but around here, finals are looming like, like,  well, I'm plumb out of similes here, so they're just looming. Honestly, my brain is still feeling a bit mushy from the 2 hours I spent on a stats test/final today. Instead of giving us a final next week, our teacher just made our last test our "final" too. That's great, but boy, I walked out of that classroom in a daze. I did figure out one great thing about dorm life, though. Last night, since a good percentage of the people in our little Freshman wing are in Stats, everyone was studying, and if people had questions, they'd just wander from one room to the next to find answers! It was great!
In other news, it is now December, which means that our floor is looking quite festive. I'm not into decorating before Thanksgiving, but I say after Thanksgiving, do as you please! In my case, that means that, much to the disdain of my sister, I pretty much only listen to all of my Christmas stations on Pandora on shuffle. It works great because I have everything from Christian to Classical to Rock to Country! It's even better than the radio! Kelli does not appreciate these festivities, but that's just TOO BAD.
Here in my wing, it is looking quite festive indeed. Let me show you!
Here's a view down my wing. It doesn't look like much,
but let me show you around!

This bathroom door is looking very seasonal...and also a bit dangerous...

Here's a wreath that Ashton made...completely out of shopping bags!!
It looks even cooler in person!
Here are some snowflake decorations that are just the slightest bit inconvenient...

Andrea demonstrates just how low these snowflakes are hanging...

Layne and Amy's door... which leads into the best decorated room
in my opinion. They have Christmas lights covering their ceiling!!

Here are some creatively hung lights that were hung by some girls
around the guys' rooms because they were being Grinches...:)

Here's Miranda and my door. Glitter ribbon!!

This is the extent of the Christmas lights in our room. It actually
casts a nice glow!
After this next week, I'll be heading home to celebrate Christmas with my family, and I CAN'T WAIT!
Even with all of the wrapping paper, lights, and bows, let's not forget what Christmas is really about. I think Linus sums it up best in what could quite possibly be my favorite scene from a Christmas movie EVER.

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  1. Your door is so neat-o!

    Good luck with finals.. you got this :)