Thursday, December 12, 2013

A Bit of Advice to Myself

Hello!  Tomorrow, I will be halfway done being a freshman!  And I feel the need to give some advice to my second semester self.

Dear Eliza,
Here's what I've learned my first semester at college.

- Don't overbook yourself.  No committing to another regular activity or taking extra shifts at work.  As cool as RUSH was, next year I will not be taking part :)  Time management = good grades + relaxing weekends.
Never let anyone pressure you into doing anything.  As kind and well-meaning as they are, they have never been a pre-nursing major.  This sounds snooty, but it's true.

- This semester, read everything your prof gives you.  This includes syllabi and anything he/she has typed up.  This will save trouble later.

-  Stress and worry are really stupid.  If you feel that way, just do the next thing.  Ya know that phrase?  How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time.  Just do one little to do item and keep on trucking.  College is all about being mentally strong, it seems.  The persevering win in the end.

- If you stay up late pinning on a week night, you may doze off in chapel the next day.  And the chaplain may happen to see you with your eyes closed.  Just speaking from personal experience here...

- As much as you want to do the honors program, as good as it looks on a grad school application, you really don't have time.  You know what else looks good on that application?  Actually getting your BSN!  And actually getting good grades! Ha ha


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