Monday, November 18, 2013

Sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry...

I'm sorry guys.  Really really sorry.
I'm not posting about thankfulness.
I have something I've got to get off my chest.
I'm sorry.  Will y'all forgive me?  :(

Okay, here's what's on my mind.
It's something I've made up called a "martyr complex".
I have no idea if this exists or not.
It sounds all psychology-ish.
Here's what it is.

It's me constantly, and I mean CONSTANTLY battling the urge to throw a pity party.
I have decided that I have the hardest life of anyone in my dorm, possibly of anyone on campus.
Which is the most pathetically stupid belief of all time.

It goes like this.
"Nursing major is hardest.  And I have a job.  And all of my classes are the hardest.  And I have a cold so my life is a giant bowl of doom and gloom.  Poor me."

Ummmmmm.... it's dumb.

Got any tips for fighting the martyr complex?
And will someone please pray for me?  Cuz four weeks until Christmas break.
I'm tired of being on the brink of tears.  I'm tired of "poor me".  I just need a hug.

This has been "Emo Posts with Eliza".  Tune in next time for a hopefully wayyyyyyyyyyy more thankful post.

Peace, love and fro yo,


P.S.  Here's a pic of the snow we got before Halloween.

( The view out my window.  It was relatively deep.)


  1. Awww! Your emo-and-not-thankful post is totally OK! Great, even! I'm so happy that you're being honest, even though it stinks. I'll definitely be praying for you lots! AND I wrote a letter on Sunday and included some things I thought you might need, before ever seeing this! Now I'm glad I did! I'm mailing it today! There are many great things, (and even a humorous insert!), but there's one thing in particular that I made, and now that I read this, I'm glad I did!
    I know you can make it to Christmas break. I TOTALLY get what you're saying about the "martyr complex". It's so, so easy to do! Like I said, I will pray long and hard for you! Hopefully my letter will cheer you up!
    (P.S. WOW that's a LOT of snow! E gads!)

  2. Thanks so much :) I'm really psyched for your mail. Gotta check it before I leave!

  3. Disney movies. Disney movies all hours of the day. That is my advice. (And hey, there's a new one coming out Wednesday.)
    You can do it, E. I believe in you.
    I'll pray and think of you often over break.