Thursday, July 2, 2015

Let's Hope You Like Omaha!

My name is Kelli. I’m Kara’s sister.
photo by Sarah Bandy
In the fall I will be starting nursing school at Nebraska Methodist College in Omaha, Nebraska. I will be getting my Bachelors of Science in Nursing, the same degree as Eliza, but in a different way. Nebraska Methodist College is a bit different than a normal college or university.
First, the college is a building. That’s all. Granted, a large 4 story building, but only one. However, small building does not mean small offerings. As part of my Human Anatomy and Physiology classes, I have a Human Cadaver lab. I am very excited about these labs because normally nursing schools do not get the opportunity to use cadavers. Since they are very expensive, medical schools are the first to have them. (Ok, enough about those. Sorry to everyone who I just grossed out. Great first impression…..)
Second, I will be taking 4 years of nursing classes. You are probably thinking, “That’s what you do in a four year degree…..” You would think that. However, in most nursing school cases, you spend the first two years of college taking Gen. Eds, or basic classes that really do not have much relation to your major. Then, when you are a Junior, all you take are nursing classes. At Methodist, your Gen Eds and nursing classes are mixed together. So, instead of starting nursing classes as a Junior, I will start them in January! I am extremely excited about this because I highly doubt I could wait two more years to start learning nursing!
Third, APARTMENTS!! Instead of living in a crammed dorm room with another person who probably does not have the same “standard” of clean as me, I only have to share an apartment (with separate rooms!) with them. Nebraska Methodist bought the apartment complex right behind the college, and now uses it as student housing. This also means I’m on my own for cooking, but I have a feeling that I can survive. ;)
Now, school does not start for another month and so, but that does not stop me from being an “adult”. I will be moving to Omaha in the next few days to start my job that I have before school starts. I am already a Certified Nursing Assistant, so I will be working as one at Rose Blumkin Jewish Home. I am so excited to start and become a “city girl” instead of a “small town girl” (although living in a small town has its perks!).

I hope to keep you up with everything that’s happening with me while in Omaha, so like the title says, let’s hope you like Omaha. If you don’t, you probably will after four years of hearing about it!!


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  1. AHHH that photo of you and Kara is the adorable-est :) Welcome to the blog! It's gonna be great having you. I want to hear more stories about working at Rose Blumkin.