Friday, January 17, 2014


10 Things About my Life before I go to Spanish class:

1) Winter formal tomorrow.  I have "pearls" now thanks to Mom and the holiday Christmas.

2) -25 degree wind chill 'dis mornin'.

3) I love love my new calf length leather boots.

4) Mikaela, my favorite squirrel fan, is doing my hair for the dance.

5) Sherlock is back Sunday.

6) Remember how college is 90% about mental toughness?  Still livin' that life.

7) Spanish 102 and Developmental Psychology are cool.

8) Saving Mr. Banks made me bawl both times.

9) Reprogramming my brain to remember this: "If you do this thing now, you won't have to do it later."
This is not how my mind works naturally.

10) Student back from her study abroad in Romania and another returning-after-a-break student and 2 Japanese high school students are now on our floor.  They are all super duper.

Hadn't posted since, what, November?  So there :)

Lovely :)  By BBCamerica


  1. great post! I minored in Spanish so I understand :)

  2. *squee* Winter Formal! How exciting! Have loads of fun!
    Things are sounding quite swell up yonder! Miss you! :)

  3. Sherlooooooock.
    Pompous punk.
    And hey- props for the updating!

  4. Billie... calling Sherlock a pompous punk wins 20 like points from me :)