Sunday, September 6, 2015


After a wonderful two months of leading a Teen Missions team to Zimbabwe, I'm back in cute little Orange City, Iowa.  I have less college left than college already under my belt, and our dorm wing truly feels like home more than ever.  We have a new crop of freshman and transfers who (whom?) I adore... such "wonderfuls" as Peace (who dreams of helping deliver babies in Uganda) and Annika (likes dehydrated peanut butter & documentaries).

Some of my wing friends by one of Orange City's tulip murals.  Annika is in the cute print dress and leather jacket, whilst Peace is doing the splits.  I am "eating" the foot of dear Ashley, a freshman, and Ellen (a fun new Spanish major) poses in the middle.  

It's a Midwest heat wave apparently, which is just fine with me.  LifeLight, a Christian music festival in South Dakota, was a barrel of fun.  I saw Rend Collective, Tenth Avenue North (for the third time), and Switchfoot.  Mother came this weekend, and we bawled over Inside Out (miraculously still in the town's theater).  Been binging on the U.S. Tennis Open and enjoying my new classes (sociology, psychopathology).  Glad to have Kelli on the blog and to have a more flattering photo of myself up on the blogger profiles!

I did have this thought.

I would end this post with a "#Blessed", but that's just too much cheese for this chica.  Still, I'm feeling cozy, loved, and happy... and what could be better than that?

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