Tuesday, February 24, 2015

"...so what do you do with that, exactly?" Explaining an IDM: New Media major

In college, when there are introductions to be made, there are 3 key questions that always seem to be asked: What's your name? Where are you from? What's your major?
In my case, I'd say, "My name's Kara, I'm from Huxley, Iowa [proceeds to explain where exactly that is] and I'm an Interactive Digital Media: New Media major." If I'm on campus, I will sometimes get this reaction:
"Oh yeah! IDM! I've heard of that!"
If I'm talking to friends and family from home or a majority of people on campus, I'll get this reaction:
"Oh cool! Um, what do you do with that exactly?"
And to that I say, "I'm still figuring that out!"
Here's why:
IDM:New Media is sort of unique as far as majors go. There aren't many other colleges that have something with the same name, but there are many that have a similar type of major. Sometimes I find that it's easier to tell what I know how to do and what I'm learning rather than what I could do with it (as a career), because I could do any number of things, career-wise.  For example, I take classes about social media, graphic design, web publishing, programming, and advertising. I've created a Social Media plan for a business and created a media plan that details all of the advertising purchases during a year for IKEA (and by "details" I mean that it was 35 pages long). I've also made things like these:

Or these (bookmark on the left, tickets on the right)

Or this:

So, if I was to sum this up, I'd say that being an IDM major gives me a chance to do a lot of what I like to do! I get to dabble in design, social media, and web publishing, and it's been a lot of fun (and I'm only halfway done! Who knows what's up next!)

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  1. I am just so impressed. Everything you make is so cool. What a go-getter :)